How to style your featured images set to above title position differently

If you wanted to style your featured images like this when they are set to the “Above Title” position:


But leave your Single Post featured images looking like this:


There are just a few steps. First, you’ll need two layouts. One for your Home Page or Blog Index with featured images set to above title and one for your posts (either Single or Single » Post) with the featured image position set to something other than “Above Title”.

Now, when you set your featured image position to above title, the CSS class .post-thumbnail-above-title
gets assigned to the anchor tag enclosing the featured image.

<a href="http://dev/in-the-kitchen-at-sunset-for-the-perfect-pose/" class="post-thumbnail post-thumbnail-above-title">

Great, we can use that to style only the featured images set to “Above Title”.


The first line, adjusts the margin on the anchor tag enclosing the featured image to negative values for all except the bottom.

The second line sets the padding and border to 0 on the featured image set to the “Above Title” position so there is no white border around the featured image.

The last line, pushes the post title down a little more to create more space between the featured image and the post title.

That’s all there is to it!

Questions, perhaps?

Why use the .custom class in front of my CSS?
I use it to make my code more specific so it will override other CSS applied to the same element using different rules without having to rely on !important.

What is ~ in the last line/rule?
That is the General Sibling Selector. Please see this article at CSS Tricks for more information.

What size should I set my featured images?
It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t need to adjust the code.

What size should I make my content block
It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t need to adjust the code.

Apply scripts to certain pages

This is an Intermediate tutorial. You should be familiar with PHP.

Headway makes it easy for you to add scripts to your WordPress site with the ability to add scripts to the Header and/or Footer. This option is found in the WordPress » Headway » Options » Scripts/Analytics


What is a little known fact is those boxes also parse PHP. Convenient, we know! A limitation is that if you place scripts or code in those boxes, those scripts or code get added to every page/post/archive you have.

What if you want to apply a script to only one page

Aha. You may think that you have to install a new plugin to do this. Of course, you don’t. All we have to do is make use of WordPress’s already existing conditional tags.

So for example, if you wanted to apply something only on your Portfolio page, you could do something like this:

The is_page conditional tag checks to see if a page is being displayed. You can then fill in the parameters to select one page or multiple pages. For more on is_page, please see the WordPress Codex

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