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Screencast Thursday: How to reset Headway and layouts

Sorry this is a day late but this week we tackle resetting Headway layouts and resetting Headway completely.

There won’t be a screencast next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Also, we may end up doing these every other Thursday.

How to use Gravity Forms with Headway

We’re big fans of Gravity Forms here at Headway so we thought we’d go over how to use Gravity Forms with Headway.

Using WordPress

Simply create your form as you normally would in the Gravity Form setup, then use the “Add Form” TinyMCE button to select your form. For my screenshots, I’ve created a page called Contact and a form also called Contact. I’m going to add my form to my contact page.



As long as the content block (in the Headway Visual Editor) that the page or post is using is set to default, your form will show up as expected.


Within Headway

If you want a little bit more control and want to perhaps add a form to your footer or have the form separate from a page or post’s content, you have a couple options.

Fetch a page

You can draw more than one content block on a layout. If you have a page (or post) that you want to have the normal content and the content form separate from the page content, you can draw two content blocks for that page’s layout.

For my screenshots, I’m adding a form to a page called “About Us”. We need two content blocks. The first one is set to default mode to show the page content.


The second one we are going to use a Custom Query and fetch the Contact page.


And you would see

Use a Custom Code Block

Another option would be to use a custom code block and use the shortcode to place your form.


And you would see


In Conclusion

You have options when it comes to using Gravity Forms with Headway. We’re sure you’ll find one of these options meets your needs!

Screencast Thursday: Working with Wrappers

Introducing the Working with Wrappers Screencast where you will learn how to add wrappers, change wrappers to fluid, and add wrapper aliases. Sorry for the delay on this week’s Screencast but I hope you enjoy!

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