Create a blog with only one layout

For certain projects, you might want all of your posts/pages to have the same general layout and just the content will change and with Headway, this means you could create and customize one layout that would apply to everything. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Get Started

Let’s say you wanted to create a blog, you would open up the Blog Index in Grid Mode andcreate your layout.

For this tutorial, create whatever layout you want on the blog index. I chose a preset with a widget area on the left and content on the right.


Once you save, check out your website. All of your posts, pages, and archives will have this same layout but the content will be the correct content.

Customizing in Design Mode

Before you get started, make sure you understand The Levels of Customization.

If you stick to this tutorial and only have one type of each block on your layout (or less) then you can style the regular element (because it is global and applies to ALL blocks of that type).

If you have more than one type of block on the layout, then you want to Edit the Instance.



Make sure your content block is set to default mode or this layout will not work everywhere. When you add a content block, the mode is set to default automatically so unless you changed it, you won’t need to worry about this.


Working with the navigation block and WordPress Menus

We get quite a few questions about how to add a menu to a website so we created this screencast to help guide you through the process.

It’s a quick tutorial but if you have questions, post in the comments!

Have different layouts for posts and pages with WordPress and Headway

If you want your posts and pages to have different layouts, you do not need to customize each and every page/post. You will simply customize 2 layouts and then rely on layout inheritance.

In the layout selector, choose the Single layout and build the layout that you want all posts to use. Note: You can also build it as a Shared Layout and apply that to the Single layout.


Make sure you save it! Then, edit the Single » Page layout


Build the layout you want and save. Now, ALL posts will use the Single layout and all Pages will use the Single » Page layout. Easy, right?

Note: Any posts or pages you’ve customized indvidually will use that layout instead of inheriting the respective layout.

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Important Keyboard Shortcuts

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