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Headway Quick Vids Applying a Template

Headway 3.6 largest feature is the ability to apply templates to your Headway Themes powered site. In this video, I show you how to download the video from our Dashboard and install and apply the template to your Headway website. Get ready to be amazed at how easy this is! Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vids Header Image

In this quick screencast we cover adding a Header Image to the Header block. With Headway 3.6 it’s never been easier to this. We’ll cover just enough to get your feet wet in with this block. Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vid Editing Template

In this quick screencast we talk about editing a Headway Template. Headway Templates are new with Headway 3.6. The template I use for this screencast is the Whitewash template. You can purchase it in the Extend marketplace. Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vids Getting Started with Headway 3.6

We were excited to release Headway 3.6 with everyone! We are even more excited to announce that over the next week or so we are releasing two posts a day that are quick videos on how to use Headway 3.6. In this quick video you will get a quick overview of the Visual Editor and… Continue Reading

Announcing Headway 3.6 Developers Beta

Ready to jump right in? Headway 3.6 Beta 1 and Hinterland are available to Developer License holders in the Headway Dashboard. It’s an exciting time for the Headway Team as we get to show you more of what we have been working on these past few months. Since Headway 3.6 is such a large update,… Continue Reading

Using Font Awesome with Headway

Today’s screencast is all about using Font Awesome with your Headway powered site. Over the past year or two, icons — particularly font icons — have become popular in designing websites. Twitter’s Bootstrap, one of the most widely used HTML/CSS Frameworks – if not the most used – comes with a great icon set called… Continue Reading

Optimizing Your Headway Website – Installing Varnish

In our series we have been looking at various places in a web server stack to make adjustments, finely tune, or even install new components to help us get a wicked fast server. Today we are going to look at installing Varnish. This tutorial is going to cover both Apache and Nginx versions to get… Continue Reading

Optimizing Series

We hope that everyone is enjoying the optimizing series! We still have a lot more to cover, which I think you will find very useful. However, I have been swamped this last week getting ready for our wedding, so I did not have enough time to get the second article finished for this week and… Continue Reading

Optimizing Your Headway Website – Performance Tuning MySQL

Introduction So far we’ve been spending a lot of time setting up a LAMP and LEMP server. We’ve built firewalls, setup the very basics, and then started to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP; and Nginx, MySQL and PHP. In the next few tutorials we are going to look at improving speed in the various parts… Continue Reading

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