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Thanksgiving Support Schedule

Good  Monday morning everyone. This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US.  We have encouraged the Headway Team to take some time off this week to spend with family and friends.  And we hope you will do the same. What this means is the forums may not be covered by the Team on Thursday.  However, if you… Continue Reading

Headway Child Themes Are Coming With 3.0

You may have noticed we have been talking a lot lately about what is coming with Headway 3.0.  And one of the features coming will be Child Themes. All of us are extremely excited to add Headway Child Themes to our Marketplace.  And with the introduction of Child Themes will be a brand new API for developers.… Continue Reading

Its Official – Headway 3.0 Is Coming November 25th

It is official, Headway 3.0 is coming to you live on November 25th.  We made the announcement last week on twitter while we were at BlogWorld Expo. The Team is working hard right now finishing up some last minute coding stuff.  Videos are being made.  Documentation is being written and tutorials are getting hashed out. We… Continue Reading

How to Filter your Popup with Pippity

With Pippity, you have fine-grained control of who sees your popup where and when.  Not familiar with Pippity and the powerful features built into this new marketing tool, you need to check it out here.  And if you did not already know, we are involved as partners in Pippity. The interface is quite easy to understand and… Continue Reading

Headway 3.0 – a small sneak peek

Below is a sneak peek at what we have been working on at Headway Themes this summer. Headway 3.0 is coming along nicely.  Clay and his team are working their butts off on this new version of Headway. What is most amazing is the fact that 3.0 truly takes Headway and how you will build your site to… Continue Reading

Headway 2.0.12 is live – Upgrade recommended

Headway 2.0.12 is released and it’s packed with bug fixes. Not only does it have bug fixes.  We also included some security fixes as well. We pride ourselves on providing a secure product so when we find a security issue, we fix it immediately. Our friends over at Sucuri recently came across a security bug… Continue Reading

Headway Themes is 2 years old

Yesterday was July 31st, 2011.  A normal Sunday around here except for one little detail. Headway Themes turned 2 years old on July 31st, 2011. A lot has happened over the last 2 years and my how fast it has raced by. Headway itself has grown and changed When we pushed out the very first version… Continue Reading

Using PHP in Excerpts+ Meta fields

Excerpts+ v2.2 introduced a very useful ability to allow PHP code in the Meta fields. For example, let’s say you’ve got your Excerpts+ leaf setup the way you want but you also want to display the most recent comment for each post. You simply insert the code intio the meta field, making sure it is… Continue Reading

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