How to Make a One Page Scrolling Site in WordPress and Headway

In this screen-cast Diane Laidlaw will show you how to make a one page scrolling site which seems to be a very popular request within the Headway community these days. She will go through the process step-by- step to show you how you can incorporate this within your own designs. There is no skill level required for this other than the skill of awesomeness.

Diane Laidlaw is a self-taught web designer from London, England. Having only been in the business for 3 years her Headway designs have been mentioned on many blogs including web-design, as well as being nominated for a css award this year all by using Headway Themes as her framework.

Diane currently works as a freelancer designer for The Design Creative, she spends her time looking after her 4 year old son, privately tutoring Headway users as well as posting out regular tutorials on YouTube to her subscribers.

Working with the new Search Block

One of the requests or suggestions we received quite often was an easier way to display a search box. Previous to 3.7, the only ways to do this were to put it in your navigation block, use a search widget, or use your own custom code.

Now you just add your search block, and choose your options. You can choose to turn a button on/off for the visitor to click to search. You can choose what the search button will say. You can also change the placeholder text inside the search button. See below:


The block can be added to any layout to offer greater customization. We hope you enjoy the addition of this new block!

Working with Snapshots

Snapshots are a response to so many of our customers wanting a simple way to revert back to previous work without having to take a database backup and restore that. It also offers a way for you to test different things out: just take a snapshot of each and switch between to test out the differences.

How To Use Snapshots

First click the Snapshots link/button at the top of the Visual Editor. This is available in Grid and Design Modes.


To save a snapshot, click “Save snapshot”. To delete a snapshot, hover over the snapshot name, an X appears that allows you to delete a snapshot.


Things to Know

  • The Visual Editor automatically saves a snapshot after every save to protect your work. It also automatically saves every 15 minutes but it only saves a maximum of one (1) snapshot in a 15 minute period.
  • Automatic snapshots are saved with the date and time as the name and no description. Manual snapshots prompt you for a description so you can easily identify it.
  • Once you provide a description of a snapshot, you cannot edit it (yet!). In the future, we’ll look at adding the ability to rename snapshots and edit the descriptions.
  • Snapshots are not deleted automatically. You must do so manually.

Naming wrappers and blocks in 3.7

You might notice that new wrappers and blocks show without an ID next to them in Grid and Design Mode. That is because we switched to a different way of assigning IDs (UUID) that makes them completely unique but also very long (but much more stable). Instead of identifying your wrappers and blocks by thoseContinue Reading

Headway Themes is 5 years old!

Headway Themes is 5 years old! We launched Headway on July 31st, 2009 with version 1.0. Just a few weeks ago we pushed out version 3.7. It’s incredible how far Headway has come from version 1.0. Not only has Headway matured as a product over the last 5 years, our company and staff has grownContinue Reading

Introduction to the Pin Board Block

Prior to 3.7, the only way you could use our Pin Board block was to purchase it. However, starting with version 3.7, Pin Board is included as a Core Headway Block! Because of that change, we thought we should introduce this powerful block. PinBoard is based off of the website, Pinterest. It’s meant to giveContinue Reading

Important Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your life easier, we have some keyboard shortcuts you can use within the Visual Editor: Grid Mode & Design Mode Control + L = Opens/Closes the Layout Selector Control + S = Save (can also use Command + S on a Mac but Control + S works on a Mac too) Design ModeContinue Reading

Introducing Spark – A Business Template For Headway

Spark is the first of many Templates for Headway from the crew over at HeadwayRocket. Spark is a multi-purpose business-themed Template.  When you purchase Spark from Headway Extend you will receive two versions of Spark. One that exclusively uses the core blocks in Headway and another version that uses core blocks as well as the blocks in the HeadwayRocket block bundle.Continue Reading

What’s New in Headway 3.7

The past six months we have been hard at work on Headway 3.7, even as we were working on Headway 3.6.  3.7 is a huge update with many new features and improvements which are excited to finally get out the door.   We’re very happy to say this is the first release in which our SupportContinue Reading

Think Outside The Block

One of the most common misconceptions about Headway is that you have to use the Header block for your header and the Footer block for the footer. Those blocks are meant to streamline things for you but by no means are you required to use them. Footers Many people want to create widgetized footers butContinue Reading

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