Introduction to qoerz Animations

A new community block, qoerz Animations, was recently added to Extend and offers 2 blocks for the price of one to allow you to easily animate text and images.


Animate text and images

Simply choose your block type and then select your animation type.


Choose between over 50 animation options

Many options to choose from for all of your needs!

screenshot qoerz-animations


Maintains responsiveness of Headway if Responsive Grid is turned on!

And More!

Head on over to qoerz Animations check it out and purchase today!


Introducing Architect: A content layout plugin and block for Headway

On April 1, 2015, Chris Howard’s (of PizazzWP) latest product was added to Headway Extend.


A content layout plugin and block for Headway.  Use it to create dynamic, content driven layouts like:











Both vertical and horizontal tabs!







And More!

As Chris has stated in this blog post, Architect will replace four of his current blocks because most of those blocks’ features are rolled into Architect.  The blocks being replaced are:

  • ExcerptsPlus
  • GalleryPlus
  • SliderPlus edited; and
  • TabsPlus

However, those blocks will still be supported for a while.  For more information on Architect and what it can do, check out the Architect product page for videos showcasing the possibilities as well as the admin!


EDIT:  Chris has decided to continue to sell SliderPlus due to its popularity.


Creating a features/services area in Headway

Creating a featured area is very easy in Headway. This tutorial is going to go over how to create an area that looks like this The great thing is you can do this with just core blocks in the visual editor but I’m also going to go over how to do this with a block from… Continue Reading

How to use TypeKit fonts with Headway

This tutorial was done using Headway version 3.7.16 You may want to use fonts outside of Google Fonts.  We have a Screencast tutorial already on using custom fonts but this tutorial will be specific to TypeKit. Step One:  Login to TypeKit Step Two:  Find the font you want to use. I’m going to use Proxima… Continue Reading

Customize your copyright and add a dynamic year

You may want to customize the copyright and still have a dynamic copyright year. You can do this with at least two methods using a little PHP (or javascript) magic! Method 1: Using the footer block The custom copyright input box parses PHP javascript!   In that box, you could input the following code, which… Continue Reading

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