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Headway Themes is 5 years old!


Headway Themes is 5 years old! We launched Headway on July 31st, 2009 with version 1.0. Just a few weeks ago we pushed out version 3.7.

It’s incredible how far Headway has come from version 1.0. Not only has Headway matured as a product over the last 5 years, our company and staff has grown too.

It’s been a very rewarding experience to see the Headway Community grow. It would have been impossible to accomplish all we have over the last 5 years without the strong community Headway has become. In fact, AJ, Gary, Jamie and Andy all came to us from the Headway community. They were sold on what we were doing and wanted to add to our growth and future.

And what would a celebration be without a special offering?

35% Off Everything!

And we mean everything. All Headway licenses, license upgrades and all Headway Extend add-ons will be 35% off from today until August 1st, 2014. So don’t procrastinate! Time flies when you are having fun and before you know it, it will be August 2nd.

To get 35% off, use code headway5

Please remember, this special discount is only good from July 17th to August 1st, 2014, 12:00 AM CDT.

This special discount does not apply to renewals. When you renew your Headway license you already get 50% off and 35% isn’t better than that :-).

Thanks again for being part of the Headway Community and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations with you and all the other members of this amazing community.

Introduction to the Pin Board Block

Prior to 3.7, the only way you could use our Pin Board block was to purchase it. However, starting with version 3.7, Pin Board is included as a Core Headway Block! Because of that change, we thought we should introduce this powerful block.

PinBoard is based off of the website, Pinterest. It’s meant to give you an easy way to display your content in a similar way as that website.

Select Pin Board as your block type

So to get started, you first need to add a Pin Board block to your layout. In my example, I’m adding it to my Blog Index.


Change the Block Options

Once you select Pin Board as your block type, the options panel will open automatically. The first section is called Pin Setup.

Block Options: Pin Setup

For purposes of this post, we’re leaving the mode set to default. Then you can change the number of columns you want your pins/posts to display in, the spacing between posts horizontally and vertically.


Here I’m leaving everything default except I’m changing the number of columns to four (4). Pin Board pulls the featured image you have assigned to a post. In my screenshot, Test Post 3 has no featured image so no image displays in the pin.


Then, at the bottom of the first tab of block options, you have the Pagination and ordering options.


Note: If you want pagination to show, you’ll need to turn off “Infinite Scrolling” which is on by default.

Block Options: Text

Here you can change the meta options that display, whether to show post titles, whether post titles will be a link, the position of the pin image and more!


Block Options: Image

Choose whether to show any images, what happens when a visitor clicks the image in the pin and whether your image(s) should be cropped.

Block Options: Effects

Here’s where you’ll find Infinite Scrolling. (Remember: turn this off, if you want to show pagination links). Infinite Scrolling is where a visitor scrolls down to view more pins and the next page of pins automatically loads. The visitor does not have to click on “Page 2″ (for example) to load the next page of pins.

Here’s what your visitor will see upon scrolling down


You’ll also find Hover Focus in this area. This effect changes the opacity to all posts a visitor is not hovering over lower while retaining 100% opacity on the post being hovered over.


Block Options: Social

This area lets you show some social tools like a Pinterest “pin it” button, a “tweet” button for Twitter, your Twitter username and more!

In Closing

The remaining block options are the standard block options. Pin Board is a versatile block that gives you a fresh way to display your content.

It works on all layouts, so try it out! If you run into any issues, please let us know!

Important Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your life easier, we have some keyboard shortcuts you can use within the Visual Editor:

Grid Mode & Design Mode

Control + L = Opens/Closes the Layout Selector

Control + S = Save (can also use Command + S on a Mac but Control + S works on a Mac too)

Design Mode Only

Control + I = Turns inspector on/off

Control + E = Opens the Live CSS Window

Grid Mode Only

Control + P = Hide/show bottom panel

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Create a list of post titles

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