Frequently Asked Questions

Is Headway a theme generator?

No, Headway is a standalone, parent theme for use with installations (self-hosted). You need Headway installed as the theme to use Headway and the design you create in Headway.  Headway does not offer an export of its design as a separate theme.

Headway does allow you to move Headway designs from one installation to another Headway installation by using Headway Templates.

What Is A Headway Template?

Webster defines a template as a gauge, pattern, or mold used as a guide to the form of a piece being made.  And that is a good basic start to defining what a Headway Template is for you.

A Headway Template is a pre-built website template in the Headway Visual Editor.  Unlike WordPress Themes, Headway Templates are customizable with the Headway Visual Editor.  In a sense, you can take a Headway Template and make it your own. Mold it to fit your individual needs.  Plus, you can take the same Headway Template and use it on different sites to give you a head start in your design process.

Can I upgrade from Headway Standard to Headway Deluxe?

Yes! To upgrade, simply go to the Headway Dashboard and click on the “Upgrade License”.

When upgrading, you only pay the difference between the two licenses.

Is Headway compatibile with WooCommerce?

Absolutely! And effective with the release of 3.6.3 you no longer need the StoreFront block we previously offered.  All functions of the block are now in the core functions of Headway.  Simply add a Content Block and you can add your store and WooCommerce to that page or pages.

Does Headway work with BuddyPress?

Headway supports BuddyPress.  We also offer the Headway Community Builder block to make it easier to show BuddyPress sections anywhere on a layout.

Do I install Headway on my computer?

Headway is a web-based application that resides on your website and not your computer. This means that you can use Headway on any operating system and on any computer in the world.

Is Headway Responsive?


Headway 3.0.5 introduced the revolutionary Responsive Grid. With the Responsive Grid, your website will automatically resize and fit itself for the device (computer, smartphone, tablet) that your website is being viewed from.

Best of all, your visitors still have the ability to scroll to the bottom and click a link to view the full site if they wish.

Do I have to have a Headway Template to use Headway?

Unlike most other frameworks, you can use Headway Base standalone and still create beautiful websites with the intuitive visual editor.

Headway Base comes with all plans. Headway Templates are simply a way to get your website up and running faster with a pre-built design.  However, unlike some child themes and skins, you are not locked into the design or layout of the developer.  You can take a Headway Template and make changes to it right in the exclusive Headway Visual Editor.

Can I use Headway for client work?

Absolutely! The primary reason why we built Headway was to speed up the process of building websites. We realize that developers and designers are busy and need to get quality work pushed out at an optimal pace. If you’re doing client work, we recommend that your client sign up for a Headway Base license so they have access to the support and updates too.

Will Headway work with my existing theme?

Sometimes there’s the misconception that Headway plugs into existing WordPress themes. Headway is a stand-alone theme for WordPress. There is no adding Headway onto other themes.

What kind of support is offered with the purchase of Headway Themes?

Headway Themes offers official support through a support request you initiate through your Members Dashboard.  We also have a very active members only forum with a number of highly qualified and experienced community members ready to help answer your questions.

Support for Headway will include issues such as, but not limited to: bug fixes if any occur under normal operation, how to use the basic features of Headway, basic WordPress help, and basic help with customization. In addition to this, we have a large selection of documentation and video tutorials to help explain the primary features of Headway Themes.

If you seek more help in the line of modification or customization of your site, there is a section in the members’ forum where you can ask for and locate Headway developers and designers who may charge you for their services.

SUPPORT HOURS: Headway Themes actively responds to support requests initiated through the Members Dashboard during normal business hours which are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. Every effort will be made to get back you in a timely fashion as we certainly understand your web presence is very important to you.

For more information please visit our support policy.

Do you offer phone support?

We do not offer phone in support services. Not providing phone support enables us to maintain a competitive price for our products. We offer one on one support when you submit a support request through your Members Dashboard.

Is Headway compatible with plugins and widgets?

A question we get asked often is whether Headway is compatible with all of the WordPress plugins and widgets. We have built Headway to be compatible with as many plugins and widgets as possible. But due to the sheer numbers of plugins and widgets available, it is virtually impossible to support every single one. Firstly, we highly recommend only using plugins compatible with your version of WordPress.

While we do everything we can to make Headway follow coding standards, some plugins may not contain compatible coding, which then creates a conflict. Therefore we cannot guarantee Headway will work with every plugin.

That said, it is rare a plugin will cause your Headway-based site to not display correctly. Rather, if a plugin conflicts, it will cause the Visual Editor not to load. Often simply deactivating the plugin while using the Visual Editor is sufficient.

If you do run into an issue with a plugin or widget, the first and best place to start seeking assistance is the forums. We will do everything we can to help you make your plugin or widget work with Headway.

What’s Headway’s refund policy?

Since Headway Themes is offering non-tangible irrevocable, digital goods we do not generally issue refunds after the purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding upon registering at our site. You may also demo Headway before purchasing.

We may consider a refund for the Headway Themes, provided that all the following criteria have been met:

  • You have purchased Headway Themes in the last thirty (30) days
  • You have attempted to resolve the issue with our support staff through the support portal
  • Our support staff has determined that Headway Themes cannot be installed in your environment

No refunds will be issued more than thirty (30) days after purchase of Headway Themes. No refunds will be issued at any time for Headway Themes Extend Add-ons.

Please realize, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you do run into an issue, we will do whatever we can to resolve the problem.

If you ever need assistance or have a question, please visit our support forums at any time.

Can I sell Web sites, blogs or blogsites using your themes?

Yes you can and we encourage you to do so.   You are welcome to use Headway Themes to develop full Web sites, blogs or blogsites which can be sold. We do not restrict the use of Headway Themes with turnkey sites, and certainly can’t forbid you from selling a site of your own that you built using Headway Themes. However, please remember the buyer will not have access to our Support Forums unless they purchase their own license from this site.

Can I use Headway Themes for work that I do for clients?

Yes, you may and we want you to. Headway Themes was originally started as an inhouse tool for building client sites. We wanted a tool which made it easier and quicker to build client sites and Headway was born. We also realize and certainly understand Developers are busy and need ways to turn work over quickly. However, remember support and updates will only be given to the user who purchases Headway Themes, which means the buyer will be responsible for supporting Headway Themes or sites built for their client. If your client wants direct support and updates for Headway Themes, they will need to purchase their own personal license. And we don’t mind if you can have them purchase through your affiliate link.

Does Headway work on

Headway and all Headway addons are only compatible with self-hosted sites. sites are not compatible.

Are you in need of a host for a installation? Headway Themes recommends Site5.

How do I pick the right Headway Template?

What Template you pick from Headway Extend is really a personal choice and depends on what you are wanting to accomplish.  A few things to consider are your taste, goals and objectives.  Additionally, what kind of content are you wanting to put on your site.  Answer those questions in your own mind and that should help you in your selection of a Template.

Also note, you do not have to have a Template to use Headway.  You can just use Headway and build your website with Headway’s exclusive and revolutionary Visual Editor.

Are PSDs (layered Photoshop files) included with my purchase?

No.  Unless otherwise stated, PSD, or layered Photoshop files, are not included with your Template purchase and are not licensed under the GPL.

What is a Parent Theme?

A parent theme framework is a theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development.  Headway Base is not only a powerful tool to build your website with, it’s also a framework which can make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge with options pages.

What is a Child Theme?

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.

What in the world is “Vesped”?

In case you have noticed the name in our EV SSL certificate or copyright in our footer, it says “Vesped Inc.”

If you’re wondering what Vesped means, we’re not quite sure either other than the fact that after all of the paperwork was complete, we realized it sounds an awful lot like Vespa (d’oh!). The name is solely for legal reasons.

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