Headway with AJ: Storefront: WooCommerce Screencast

Update: We wanted to update this post to let you know that we’ve since removed the Storefront block as we now support WooCommerce in our content block that is included in Headway Base. Please make sure you’ve updated to 3.6.3.

Today marks the reboot of the Screencast Tuesday series. I hinted at it on Twitter yesterday, and got some great feedback about maybe renaming it to the ‘Headway with AJ’ so I renamed it for the time being since this week and next, they aren’t coming on out Tuesdays. They are still packed with helpful tips and tricks though to get you moving in the right direction for your next project.

This week’s screencast is one that’s been asked about for awhile now. We just haven’t had time to get to it. We’re going to be coving WooCommerce and the Storefront: WooCommerce block by Headway. There’s a lot of information we could go into, and while I didn’t really think you all wanted me to talk on and on for hours about WooCommerce (there’s a lot of things it does!!), I wanted to focus our time on using it with Storefront: WooCommerce block, and with Headway.

The screencast is about 20 minutes in length and covers a fresh install of WordPress, Headway, WooCommerce and Storefront: WooCommerce block. I go over a few of the minor settings I wanted to change in WooCommerce, how to fill your store with test products so you can play with the pages and design your site, and we go over the few uses for the Storefront: WooCommerce block.

Update: The screencast is now here. Sorry about that ya’ll!

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  1. andyb1 says:

    Thanks, that was helpful!  I was just playing with the block today and looking for a tutorial and you created one yesterday!

  2. craigcpaterson says:

    Thanks AJ. Nice ‘cast. I have a site going live next week using HW and WC, been working on it for a couple of weeks and I think you’ll like it. Will be posting a link in the forums once it goes live.

  3. Trezlie says:

    Fabulous!  Thank you so much for doing this video, the first time I installed it I didn’t have a clue to what I was doing, and reinstalled headway and started over.  Extremely happy to know I can try again with your guidance!  You guys rock!

  4. Pascal Burckhardt says:

    Hi AJ,

    Nice cast, but with the new version of hw with fluid wrapper i have some problems,nothing apear.

  5. I have tried installed woo commerce to my headway theme 3 times now. the above video makes sense up to a point. Then it does not. I have already built my website with headway and want to add woocommerce to the shop page. The above video does not address this. It does not work. Could it be that I already have a Shop page. By installing is it supposed to make a Shop page? It does not and when I do into Headway Grid:Page: There is no Shop page to edit.

  6. Michelle Mahler says:

    Also..no offense…but it is kind of ridiculous for it the create a SHOP page..yet in the VE..there is no SHOP page.

    • AJ Morris says:

      Michelle – WooCommerce upon first install will ask you if you want to create the WC related pages. When you do that, they will show up in the VE under pages. If you need further assistance with any issues with that, please let us know in the forums. Thanks!

  7. nomad411 says:

    That was a nice bit of help. Now please, make one like this for the Community builder block??

  8. content4chiros says:

    THANK YOU AJ! I’ve been trying to hard code some hooks (without the Storefront plugin), and it’s been a nightmare. THIS IS EASY! THANKS!

  9. torstenb says:

    Great video! Do you know how to get one category on one page, and another on another page. I would love to be able to only show some product on certain pages.

    Hope you can help me out.

    Thanks a lot,


  10. Kim Walling says:

    Hi AJ,
    Tried this back in June and gave up and used a theme as it was my first ecommerce website. Now I am back and it all makes sense and is sooo nice to be free of child themes and heavy websites. Love your work thank you for coming up with this!!!!

  11. yevgeny@webatonic.com says:

    If i wanted to display only a specific category inside a normal page with content in it, I wish I could select the category of the products to display there.

    Are you looking to add block options to the WooCommerce block?

  12. Benjamin Ferry says:

    This is great!

    I think it would be nice to have the ability to control the number of items per row (pretty big deal). As is, you have to edit the php files manually to accomplish this.

    A less important but also useful ability would be the ability to have a “featured items” block or something on the front page. Right now adding a wooCommerce block on the front page pastes the entire store on the front page when you may only want a deal of the day up there or something.

  13. Marc Smith says:

    Where has storefront gone? I click on the link and I get a 404

  14. Derrick Bailey says:

    HT 3.6.3 and woo commerce v2.1.6 I select the content block but can’t see how to display products on the page. Can this video be updated to show how do to it now?, very confusing!.

    • Clay Griffiths says:


      After you add a Content Block on a WooCommerce page your products should show up automatically.

      Sorry for the confusion!

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