Introducing Headway 3.5

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We’re very excited to say that fluid wrappers are finally back!

Headway 3.5 has been a very long-awaited release, but it has been well worth the wait. To show you what’s in 3.5, I thought I’d try something new for a release video. You can watch that right below or you can skip over it and get a much more detailed description of the features below.


The biggest change in Headway 3.5 is the addition of wrappers and wrappers options. Previously, each customized layout had only one wrapper for placing your blocks. Now, you can add as many wrappers to a layout as you want.

Headway Multiple Wrappers Example

Each wrapper has settings for its type of width (fixed or fluid) and its grid (columns and gutters). As a result, different sections of your webpages can behave differently when it comes to fluidity. Wrappers can also be styled differently in Design Mode to create visually distinct sections of your webpages.

To learn more about the wrapper functionality, visit our release article in our documentation.

Slider Design

In Design Mode, sliders have a new “Slider Viewport” element in the options panel for styling the overall presentation of the images. The style attributes include rounded corners.


A Headway release would not be a release without improving existing features!

Blocks and Block Options


In Grid Mode, icons no longer appear when you mouse over blocks. The icons have been replaced by a right-click menu. Right-click anywhere in a block to open the menu and open the block options, change the block’s type, or delete the block.

Grid Options

Because each wrapper can have its own settings for the number of columns and column and gutter widths, grid options for columns and gutters are now defaults for newly added wrappers.

Design Mode Options Panel

A yellow bullet now appears next to elements that have been customized. A faded orange dot appears next to properties with customizations, and if you reset a property (set it to inherit), a purple dot appears instead. These markers show you where you have made changes from Headway Base.

In the Instances drop down, a “Customized” label appears next to instances that you have customized styles for.

We hope you will enjoy Headway 3.5 just as much as we have enjoyed building it!

Headway 3.5 is free with an active license. You may update and gain instant access to these new features!

Has your license expired? You may renew your license by logging into the Members’ Dashboard and clicking the “Renew” button beside your license.

Please remember to backup before updating your site. If you’re looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, we highly recommend BackupBuddy.

As always, the update is available via the automatic updater in the WordPress Admin panel. Or, if you wish, you can upgrade by downloading the latest Headway release from the Members’ Dashboard and uploading it via FTP or the WordPress theme updater.

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27 Responses

  1. I’m very much interested in bying this HWtheme FRAMEWORK but before that I’ve some questions.
    1. Will it support WORDPRESS PLUGINS (I mean will it be compatible or conflict with plugins)
    2.Do you have any child themes.

    • Thanks for your interest in Headway!

      1. Absolutely! Please see
      2. We’re moving away from child themes and going to release “Headway Skins” instead. These are essentially files that contain exported options for Headway’s Grid and Design Editor which allows you to have a much wider range of customization than child themes provide. Our primary focus on the next Headway release will be skins.

      • Hi Clay, even though skins will be the future of headway which I think is a great idea! Will you still support child themes as well?

        • Of course!

          We won’t release any official child themes unless it’s very complex (adds a substantial amount of functionality), but Headway will still work perfectly with child themes.

      • It would be nice if you could release some free starter skins or help facilitate community sharing. I’m sure it will make your customers more successful when getting started.

  2. Suggestion: in your email alert about updating Headway, you could include a link to the blog post that discusses the new features.

    • Absolutely!

      You could even set that blue area up as a separate fixed-width wrapper and then use the Grid to put blocks inside of it rather than widgets 🙂

  3. The information about this update on my WordPress dashboard has this warning: “Please Note: Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost. Please consider using child themes for modifications.” Does that mean that if I didn’t use a child theme when I designed the site that I will have to design it all over again after I update? Or is a “customization” different than just designing a site? I see a response to a comment above that says Headway supports child themes but you are moving away from them. Can you help me understand this? I really do not want to redesign the site all over again!!! Thanks.

    • Hey Sarah,

      There are instances registered for every wrapper (similar to blocks) so you can customize the background color and background image for every wrapper 🙂

    • Headway has built-in support for LESS and you can use the HeadwayCompiler class to enqueue LESS files.

      However, our Live CSS editor doesn’t support LESS quite yet but it’s planned 🙂

    • Hey Ardeshir,

      We don’t have built-in support but it’s very easy to add support using Headway’s Live CSS feature 🙂

    • Frank,

      Be sure you’re logged into your WordPress Dashboard and it’s not an old Visual Editor tab that was opened previously.

      Sorry for the trouble!

  4. Hey,

    I’m about to buy the headway themes Developer license. Just wondering, is it hard to create two column layouts for your blog? Once I create it, once I post a new blog, can I set it up so it automatically shows up in order in the two column layout?

    And, can I have a static box above the two layout blog format that introduces who I am etc?


    • Hey Joseph,

      Absolutely! You can create a column layout as well as add a box above your posts. This is extremely easy thanks to the Headway Grid 🙂

  5. i want to create two columns in the content area, and clear the float after.
    if i use a custom wordpress document i can go into the css and put in what i need. i can figure out how to do it in headway theme. can it be done? thank you

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