Is Headway 3.0 ready for WordPress 3.3?

You bet it is!!. Headway 3.0 and WordPress 3.3 work perfectly together! We always develop and test with the latest versions of WordPress. When the WordPress Core Team releases a beta, we immediately switch to the beta to continue developing and testing on. This way we make sure that our theme is working with the next version of WordPress from the get-go.

If you have not made the plunge to update to WordPress 3.3, make sure to take a few minutes to backup your site before you upgrade to WordPress 3.3. We recommend BackupBuddy for all your backup needs.


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  1. Hey guys. I’ve had Headway 3.0 for about a week now (Base Plan). Am I missing something or are there a lot of features missing? I’ve been looking at tutorials from the older versions and I feel like there’s a lot of flexibility missing in the editing mode. I might just be crazy or a n00b though. Has anyone put together videos yet for 3.0?

  2. I’m still waiting for the chid themes to be released before I go spend a bunch of hours on my “new” site. Sorry for sounding harsh…..but I want to play!! 🙂

    • @Ryan Oakley We currently working hard to get out the next update, 3.0.3 out. Child themes are also being worked on and we hope to have our first offerings out shortly after the holidays. Thanks

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