Why Headway rocks as a website development platform!

I’ve been in the Headway camp for about a year and a half now and haven’t looked back. Do you know why? It’s because the framework is a great option for business websites even if the site doesn’t include a blog!

Headway, unlike any other theme or framework I’ve worked with, allows the website developer to determine which pages deserve their own layout and which pages make sense to follow a standard. That is to say, without touching a single line of php, an unlimited number of page layouts can be created.

WordPress is known as a great content management system to website designers, developers and hosting providers. It is known as a blogging platform outside the field. Content management is simply a way of organizing your resources for quick retrieval and display. The organization is into posts with hierarchical categories and tags, pages with subpages and unlimited numbers of additional custom content buckets.

It only makes sense that businesses with multiple layers of content should take advantage of the great system within WordPress – even if they aren’t planning on blogging!

That’s right, I said it, blogging not required when using WordPress! But I say that only because I’m so confident that Headway is the best solution for making a WordPress install look and act like a complete and complex website without giving any hint of a blogging past. In my opinion other free and premium themes realize this, but none execute the polished look the way that Headway has.

Headway was built to give everyone the ability to put exactly what they want where they want it and maintain it in the way that is best suited for them. The flexibility of using blocks to define layouts is great – but what is amazing is that each block can house different elements, be it page/post content, widgets, custom code, php or shortcodes and even specialty blocks to display tabbed content and galleries!

As a developer, I love being able to mix and match the blocks on the site to maintain the look while giving my clients the tools to update their content as needed. With the right blocks in place, a website can be updated with relative ease – be it text, images or links. I like to tell my clients that as long as they can edit a document or spreadsheet, they can keep their website fresh, fun and up-to-date.

The content block is far and away the feature which makes this framework so robust. As the name implies, the content block displays content – but it can display more than just the content for the page on which it’s placed. Using content blocks, along with the equally cool Tabs+ and Excerpts+ blocks, take the WordPress page hierarchy as inspiration but let the website designer display the content in a way that suits the site. All while maximizing the effectiveness of the WordPress content management system for content maintenance.

There are many reasons that Headway & WordPress are great for traditional websites, I could probably write an entire book on the topic. But suffice it to say, imagine any website and with the right blocks, you can build it with Headway!

Jaime Slutzky is a mom, fitness instructor and website developer in the Seattle-area. Her development studio, Fit with Flair, specializes in websites for Fitness Professionals. She also operates a small website design boutique, Simply Jaime, supporting other small businesses with website and email marketing solutions.

Connect on Twitter @ssJaime and @FitwithFlair
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  1. Wise words and totally my own experience too.
    I have no idea how much time, money and energy Headway has saved me, but it’s huge. It’s given me total control over by sites and it’s the only product I have ever been an affiliate of.
    As you say in your post, Jaime, you can build websites or blogs with headway. My most recent headway project is not a blog and the feedback on the design has been excellent.
    Great post and kudos for sharing some Headway love!

  2. I use Headway theme for my clients for my http://seohost.us services.
    The only thing I wished from Headway is that it provides at least 30-50 different template designs based on various topics (photo gallery, e-commerce, news, etc.) that will help us to fine-tailor the theme.

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