5 Blog Design Essentials Headway Makes Easier

I spend a lot of time in my workshops giving tips on how to make your WordPress blog user-friendly. Most are easy to implement and can make or break a visitor’s experience at your blog.

The beauty is that Headway can help you even get more mileage from these tips:

1. Use a custom header.

Whether your blog is part of your business or a hobby, it’s critical that you convey your brand. When someone lands on it, the header is the first thing they see. What does it say? Does it reflect your business brand or the topic of your blog? If you are a marketing company, a picture of a stream in woods doesn’t cut it.

Headway makes it easy: It’s simple to upload your header via the visual editor. And flexible. Let’s say your site is 1000 pixels wide, but your header if 1030 pixels wide. Maybe you don’t know how to resize it. Or it just complicates everything. Simple use the slide feature and enlarge your site to fit your header size exactly.

2. Create an irresistible about page.

Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your blog. Why? People want to know more about you. Make it causal and fun, not a long resume.

Headway helps you customize that page’s sidebar: You have the the option of creating a unique sidebar on each page, so, on you about page, you can focus the sidebar more on connecting with you. Instead of listing latest posts or comments, use this space for people to connect with you on your active social media platforms. List your latest tweets, your Facebook likes. Make it reflect more of what the page is about.

3. Brand your blog with your colors.

If this blog is your business site, or a part of your business, let people know where they are by being consistent with your brand and colors.

Headway makes it easy: Using the element selector in the visual editor, you can change your background, widget background, font colors, almost anything you can dream of without knowing CSS. And if you do know CSS, you can customize to add background colors to specific leafs.

4. Make it easy to navigate your site.

A clean navigation bar is best. Don’t give your readers too many decisions to make and be sure they can find what they are looking for with as few click-throughs as possible.

Headway can do it: Not only does Headway work with the menu feature in WordPress to easily create your navigation bar, but you can also build custom navigation bars for different pages.

5. Make sure they can contact you.

I have visited blogs where I have had to hunt to find a way to contact the owner of the blog. Make it easy. Don’t bury your contact info in a small font in your footer. Create a contact page. Because if someone wants to hire you, well, it would be nice if they could.

Headway + Gravity Forms = Pure Heaven: Consider purchasing the premium plugin Gravity Forms for your blog. It’s super intuitive and you’ll find endless ways to use it. Nothing better than an easy-to-use theme integrated with a flexible contact form plugin to make life better.

Bob is a WordPress trainer and coach. He provides support, webinars, & one-on-one coaching. He also provides WordPress training to small businesses and corporations. Visit bobwp.com

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  1. Can vouch for all of that and more, Headway makes it easier but its like the Vacuum cleaner you still have to remember to use it ! Rock-on with Headway it is as good as it gets and fabulous value for money!

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