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5 Blog Design Essentials Headway Makes Easier

I spend a lot of time in my workshops giving tips on how to make your WordPress blog user-friendly. Most are easy to implement and can make or break a visitor’s experience at your blog. The beauty is that Headway can help you even get more mileage from these tips: 1. Use a custom header.… Continue Reading

Headway Themes' New Excerpts+ Leaf

In an effort to continue to expand on what you can do with Headway Themes without the need for coding, we would like to introduce you to a new addition to the collection of amazing Leafs for Headway. Meet Excerpts+, a brand new Leaf that can greatly enhance how you display post excerpts on your site.  Excerpts+… Continue Reading

5 Blogging Myths that Need to Die in a Fire

Blogging is evolving quickly and growing up. Unfortunately, it’s easy to come across outdated advice on the web that ranks high in search due to its longstanding popularity. There are things you think you know about blogging… and there’s reality (well, my interpretation of reality, anyway—we all know how subjective this is). So it’s with… Continue Reading

Announcing Headway 3.6 Developers Beta

Ready to jump right in? Headway 3.6 Beta 1 and Hinterland are available to Developer License holders in the Headway Dashboard. It’s an exciting time for the Headway Team as we get to show you more of what we have been working on these past few months. Since Headway 3.6 is such a large update,… Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Blog Post – Part 2

by David Gadarian This is a follow up to my recently published “Anatomy of a Blog Post”. If you’ve already seen that piece, don’t worry, there is plenty of “new” here. I’ve tried to focus on “best” practices. I have also included additional insights to help address “why” in specific instances. How you ultimately construct… Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Blog Post

by David Gadarian In putting this diagram together I’ve tried to focus on “best” practices.  In addition I have included some further insights to help address “why” in specific instances. How you ultimately construct your blog will be based on specific needs and goals of your site, but hopefully this diagram will go a long… Continue Reading

New to Headway Extend – SliderPlus

We are thrilled that Chris Howard has come up with another offering for his Plus series of Headway Blocks. As anyone knows who uses any of Chris’ other blocks, his Plus series of blocks add a lot to your ability to get your site just the way you want. Chris’ new offer is no exception. SliderPlus… Continue Reading

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