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We’ve been tossing this idea around for awhile now and after someone asked me to do some more videos, I figured why not start a daily series of short little screencast tutorials that help you get started or help you with a specific task. This isn’t going to replace our Screencast Tuesday series, I’ve been doing, or our other blogging. These will just be some quick posts with links to our documentation to help you out with more information that just the blog post. To get started this post is going to cover installing Headway Themes and upgrading Headway Themes.

Installing Headway Themes

The first thing you need to do to start using Headway Themes is to install Headway Themes. As simple as that sounds, for some people it may be a little difficult. So today we’re going to look at installing Headway Base so that you get started with Headway.

  1. Download Headway Themes Base from our Member’s Dashboard.
  2. Take the headway-XXX.zip (XXX stands for the current version number).
  3. Login to your WordPress Dashboard, click on Appearance > Themes > Install Themes.
  4. Click the Upload option and choose your file.
  5. When Headway’s uploaded, click the Activate button.

To get a little more help with installing Headway, we’ve created this video for you to get started. As an added bonus we’ll go through a little bit of the Visual Editor and create our first layout so that you’ve got something to look at on the front-end of your site.

Upgrading Headway Themes

Upgrading Headway Themes is actually pretty simple. When you login to your WordPress Dashboard and you get a notice that tells you there’s an updated version, all you have to do is click the ‘Click here to update’ link in the notice and follow the onscreen instructions. Here’s also a quick video to help you upgrade.

Other Getting Started Topics

If you’re new to WordPress and Headway, we’ve got a couple of documentation pages to check out. These are very helpful and will require your login to get you access these pages.

If you haven’t purchased Headway yet, or want to learn more about the pricing options, make sure the visit our pricing page.

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  1. Yeah, I really value the videos.. I tried to get into headway 3.0, but waited until 3.05 came out. I am really digging it now. I pretty much just watched the videos, and when 3.05 came out, I felt pretty good. I am little confused about creating templates, 404, and cloning. I am used to builder, and they use layouts and views, which I know headway has, just need to see some examples. Live Css, etc. I was messing around and creating a html document from dreamweaver, made the css in the document, uploaded via html block, and was blown away at the results. Nice!

    But you guys know that,


  2. This is a great asset to the new community of headway members. You guys are always going out of the way to assure that the members have all they need to utilize the system that you have, Headway ROCKS!!!

  3. Hello! I installed Headway 3.0.5 on WP. Worked with the grids a bit. Then activated a WP theme to try out. When I reactivated the Headway 3.0.5 the grids no longer appeared – just code. How can I get out of this fix? Many thanks in advance. _BC

    • @WJCherf Please post up on the forums so the Headway Team can help you out. While we would love to, we simply can not provide support in the comments to posts.

  4. I was getting annoyed then! Tried to update through the Dashboard, and everything went crazy!  I had to delete some files through ftp, which I thought was beyond my skill level really, and reinstall Headway.
    I was thinking I was going to have to reconfigure all my customizations, but after reinstalling Headway, it had remembered them.  So, I think it’s pub time now!

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