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Highlight Your Images with Ultra Vision

Images in blog posts can help to create an emotional response. Ultra Vision by Headway Themes is no different. Ultra Vision is the perfect template for highlighting your blog images. A minimal design that puts your content first. With Headway Themes powering your site, you can be rest assured that your site is going to… Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vids Resetting Headway

In this quick screencast we cover how to reset Headway. Sometimes you might want to reset Headway because you have messed up and want to start over or you may want to do a redesign. In either case you can easily reset Headway to be the reset to the “factory” settings. Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vids Footer Widget

In this quick screencast we talk about adding a footer widget to a layout. Our support team gets this question a lot, so we thought we would cover it in our quick vids series. Learn how to easily add a footer widget area in this short screencast. Continue Reading

Headway Quick Vids Navigation Block

In this quick screencast we cover the navigation block. The navigation block is one of the core blocks that are great for adding a single navigation or multiple navigation areas on your layouts. This video walks you through some of the features of the navigation block. Continue Reading

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