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Creating a single page website using Headway Part 2

In Part 1, we created the page, the content, and layout in the grid mode editor. In Part 2, we’re going to do some unique styling to set each section of the one page layout apart from the others. Step 1 Styling the page and wrapper body In the VE, change to Design Mode (where… Continue Reading

Creating a single page website using Headway Part 1

Sometimes, you don’t need a multipage website. Sometimes, you want a website stripped down to the minimum. When you are looking for small, minimal sites, a single page website may be the answer. If you’re used to designing a multipage website, creating a single page website will often require a bit of adjustment. It doesn’t… Continue Reading

Margins, Padding & Borders

What they are & where to use them. White space – whether it is truly white or not – is a necessary part of the design of your website. That space around your content makes it clear to the visitor what things belong together, reduces the cluttered feel, and makes the overall site more readable.… Continue Reading

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