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Why I Rejected Your Guest Post

Guest posting is the new black, and it’s easy to see why: done right, it’s an incredible traffic-building strategy and even leads to new friendships and collaborations down the road. It’s good for your blog and it’s good for the guest poster’s blog. It’s good for SEO because of the links which point back to… Continue Reading

Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

There’s no question that Pinterest is hot and getting hotter. Pinterest can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site… if you use it right. So let’s talk about how to do that. If you haven’t yet heard of Pinterest and want to know more, see my video WTF is Pinterest? Your Blog Niche Matters… Continue Reading

5 Blogging Myths that Need to Die in a Fire

Blogging is evolving quickly and growing up. Unfortunately, it’s easy to come across outdated advice on the web that ranks high in search due to its longstanding popularity. There are things you think you know about blogging… and there’s reality (well, my interpretation of reality, anyway—we all know how subjective this is). So it’s with… Continue Reading

Headway 3 Now Available

The wait is finally over: you can now download Headway 3. If you’re an existing Headway customer, simply log into your member dashboard and you’ll see the download link. What’s the deal with Headway 3? Well, it’s been completely redesigned (as has the website, so be sure to visit us if you’re seeing this in… Continue Reading

How to Get and Use Your Headway Affiliate Link and ID

Watch the video above to see exactly how to get your Headway affiliate link (if you are already an approved affiliate in Shareasale). If you can’t see the video in your reader or email click on the title link to view it directly on the blog. I’ve also provided written instructions: Log in to your… Continue Reading

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