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Creating a Portfolio Website with Headway

Portfolio themes focus on your work – often with big, beautiful graphics in the case of Photography, Web or Graphic Design portfolios. Today we’ll use the free WP Types plugin alongside a premium community Headway Extend Block, Article Builder, to make a beautiful portfolio layout. Get Started To complete this tutorial, you will need to… Continue Reading

Use Custom Social Media Icons in the Social Block

The new Social Media Block in Headway 3.6 offers you an easy way to drop a predefined set of social media icons into your layout. Just choose the icon set, then choose the network, add link, rinse, repeat, and you’re done! Headway offers two options out of the box, a Peel Icon Set and Soft… Continue Reading

Five Quick Tips for Your New Headway Site

Building a new Headway site is exciting, but as you get started don’t forget these quick tips to make your experience as smooth as possible! Free Resources Abound! Don’t be afraid to look around for free vector images, stock photos and even textures and buttons to give your site a professional look.  Try Vecteezy! for free… Continue Reading

Easy Embedding with the Embed Block

The Embed Block is a core block in Headway – that means if you have Headway, you have this block. But are you using it?  The Embed block is incredibly flexible – just place a block in the desired size on the page, drop in the URL of the embeddable media and Save. Yup, it’s that easy!… Continue Reading

Hiding the Featured Post Thumbnail

If you’re putting together a relatively “simple” website – insomuch as you are customizing one or two layouts using Headway’s Visual Editor – you may run into the following scenario: 1. You may or may not have a static homepage. It’s customized if you do, yay! 2. You have a blog index, which may or may… Continue Reading

Creating a "Sticky" Navigation Bar with Headway

PROBLEM: Your navigation is one of the most important parts of your website. It’s how your visitors get from the homepage to other parts of your site! But once they scroll down to read your content, they can’t see the navigation anymore – and darn it, you want them to see it all the time!… Continue Reading

Tips and Code Snippets to Use in Custom Code Blocks

The most flexible block in your Headway arsenal is the custom code block. Whatever you can’t accomplish with the other core blocks (Navigation, Slider, Embed, Content, Breadcrumbs, Widget Area, Footer, Text an Header) you can accomplish with the custom code block. The part that trips up a lot of our newbies is the fact that this… Continue Reading

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