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Using Parent Pages and WordPress Menus Effectively

We recently had a question in the Headway support forum that shed light on an issue that many users new to WordPress are facing: WordPress Menus make it very easy to set up drop-down menus (yay!) but using only WordPress Menus,  breadcrumbs don’t display the correct page hierarchy. What’s a WordPress newbie to do? Luckily, it’s incredibly simple. Set up… Continue Reading

The Responsive Grid and Headway 3

The Headway Responsive grid is one of the best, and possibly most under-utilized, features that Headway offers (in my opinion, at least.)  Responsive web design isn’t just “the next big thing” – it’s the definitive direction that the web is moving, and if you aren’t going responsive, you’re getting behind. Turn it On Turning on Headway’s responsive… Continue Reading

Setting up the Grid

One of the first things you’ll do when you install Headway is set up the grid. Setting up the Headway grid basically means that you’re setting up the width of your site, and determining the horizontal space between blocks. Headway is set up on a columns system with 24 columns and “gutters” in between each column. The width… Continue Reading

Introducing Headway 3.4

We’ve got another update out for Headway, with the addition of block titles, block subtitles and two new blocks (to replace the now deprecated media block) and a few other notable changes to the Visual Editor, including the ability to export block settings, visible cues for padding and margins in Design Mode, a new UI for choosing /… Continue Reading

Headway 3.2.5 Released with New Features, Bug Fixes

Headway 3.2.5 is out! There are a few great additions that we know you’ve been looking forward to – like a new block – the Text Block! With a full WYSIWYG input, you can add text, links, block quotes, lists, headings, stylized/colored text … loads of opportunity there and great for your layouts. We’ve also got a… Continue Reading

Fluid Headers & Footers in Headway 3.0

So-called “fluid” headers and footers are quite the rage in web development, aren’t they? So pretty, So shiny, So, so fluid. You want it, and I can’t blame you. I want it too. A future version of Headway will include the ability to create a fluid header and footer more easily without any custom code,… Continue Reading

Force Drop Down Navigation to Show Over Image Sliders in IE7

Internet Explorer has long been the bane of every developer’s existence – different standards, slow to accept new standards, the list goes on! Unfortunately, since IE used with a high frequency in most corporate environments as well as being popular with a lot of less tech-savvy home users, it’s important that our designs work well… Continue Reading

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