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Guest post from Joe Waters

One of the best things I ever did to promote the cause marketing program at my nonprofit is start my blog It’s something you should do too. Besides, blogging is a great way to learn about cause marketing as you write about it. And thanks to Headway Themes it’s both easy and fun.

When John Haydon rebuilt my blog earlier this year and told me he would be using a Headway Theme, I really didn’t know what to expect. A theme? You mean like what I used to write in high school? John assured me that my blog would still be on aWordPress platform, and I would write and publish my posts the same way as I did before. But he added, “Joe, you’re going to love Headway.”

And John was right. Here’s why.

I could change the look of my blog without knowing any code. Shortly after John finished setting up my blog I got into my tinkering mode and wanted to make all sorts of little changes without calling John every time. It was easy. I jumped on the visual editor and was able to adjust and fix things on my own like the width of my right sidebar and the appearance of my navigation bar. Let me emphasize: I’m not tech savvy. I have trouble figuring out the remotes for my TV. If I figured out the visual editor on Headway just think what you’ll be able to do.

SEO rocks on Headway Themes. Here’s the God’s honest truth. Before I installed Headway Themes on my blog I could NEVER crack the first page of Google for the search term “cause marketing.” After I installed it, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been on the first page. And on few days I even cracked the top three. That alone has made Headway a good investment.

You have a problem. They have an answer. Despite being based out of red-state Kansas the team at Headway is even friendly to a r-dropping Massachusetts Democrat like me. That’s patience and dedication. I haven’t had many glitches with Headway, but when I do their forums are very helpful, and the principals of the company, Grant and Clay Griffiths, are very responsive.

I’ve written before that there really is no excuse for more people not blogging about cause marketing. Free platforms can be a good start for some, but a premium theme like Headway is easy to edit, comes optimized for SEO and has a friendly and helpful community to help solve any problems. Your blog will stand out and you’ll make faster progress.

They don’t call it Headway for nothing.

Joe Waters is Director, Cause Marketing for a Boston Hospital. He blogs on cause marketing at and is the founder of His first book, Cause Marketing for Dummies, will be published by Wiley next year.

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  1. Thanks so much, Jackson! And with my experience, the answer is yes. But, only if you balance it nicely. I have learned from mistakes that if I go to narrow in one direction and don’t mix things up a bit, the audience gets bored and traffic therefore decreases. That said, the most highly traffic spikes come from informative articles that answer questions… but I like to do both. I also use my email marketing campaign as well to make subscribers aware of deals. Thanks again, appreciate your time reading and feedback, as well!

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