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Common PHP Snippets to use in the Custom Code Block

One of the most powerful blocks in Headway is the Custom Code Block because you can insert plain text, html, javascript, shortcodes! If you combine the power of the Custom Code Block with the power of PHP, your options are endless! We know that PHP is not everyone’s strong suit, so we put together some… Continue Reading

Tips and Code Snippets to Use in Custom Code Blocks

The most flexible block in your¬†Headway arsenal is the custom code block. Whatever you can’t accomplish with the other core blocks (Navigation, Slider, Embed, Content, Breadcrumbs, Widget Area, Footer, Text an Header) you can accomplish with the custom code block. The part that trips up a lot of our newbies is the fact that this… Continue Reading

Fluid Headers & Footers in Headway 3.0

So-called “fluid” headers and footers are quite the rage in web development, aren’t they? So pretty, So shiny, So, so fluid. You want it, and I can’t blame you. I want it too. A future version of Headway will include the ability to create a fluid header and footer more easily without any custom code,… Continue Reading

Give Post Author Comments a Unique Style

A great way to add some style to your comments section is to provide a little extra style to your post author comments – it’ll help them stand out and helps your readers see where the post author has responded. This is especially helpful if you write the type of posts that get a lot… Continue Reading

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