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Use Custom Social Media Icons in the Social Block

The new Social Media Block in Headway 3.6 offers you an easy way to drop a predefined set of social media icons into your layout. Just choose the icon set, then choose the network, add link, rinse, repeat, and you’re done! Headway offers two options out of the box, a Peel Icon Set and Soft… Continue Reading

Hiding the Featured Post Thumbnail

If you’re putting together a relatively “simple” website – insomuch as you are customizing one or two layouts using Headway’s Visual Editor – you may run into the following scenario: 1. You may or may not have a static homepage. It’s customized if you do, yay! 2. You have a blog index, which may or may… Continue Reading

Introducing Headway 3.4

We’ve got another update out for Headway, with the addition of block titles, block subtitles and two new blocks (to replace the now deprecated media block) and a few other notable changes to the Visual Editor, including the ability to export block settings, visible cues for padding and margins in Design Mode, a new UI for choosing /… Continue Reading

Margins, Padding & Borders

What they are & where to use them. White space – whether it is truly white or not – is a necessary part of the design of your website. That space around your content makes it clear to the visitor what things belong together, reduces the cluttered feel, and makes the overall site more readable.… Continue Reading

Fluid Headers & Footers in Headway 3.0

So-called “fluid” headers and footers are quite the rage in web development, aren’t they? So pretty, So shiny, So, so fluid. You want it, and I can’t blame you. I want it too. A future version of Headway will include the ability to create a fluid header and footer more easily without any custom code,… Continue Reading

How to Get and Use Your Headway Affiliate Link and ID

Watch the video above to see exactly how to get your Headway affiliate link (if you are already an approved affiliate in Shareasale). If you can’t see the video in your reader or email click on the title link to view it directly on the blog. I’ve also provided written instructions: Log in to your… Continue Reading

How to Create a Useful 404 Error Page with Headway

An error page is always something that receives careful attention in a great web design – and is often overlooked by beginning designers or those new to WordPress or  Headway. Some even think – why bother? Hopefully no one will see it! Those who do see this page, however, are likely to just move off… Continue Reading

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