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New Templates coming soon to Extend

A while ago, we mentioned that we announced our first contest exclusively to the Unofficial Slack group. We are finally ready to announce the winners. We are happy to announce that 3 new Templates will be available on Headway Extend very soon. These will be Official Templates and they will be FREE to all valid… Continue Reading

Join the UNOFFICIAL Headway Slack Community!

Several months ago, some members of the Headway Community opened up a Slack community for Headway users! If you are unfamiliar with Slack, it’s advertised as a messaging app (it is web based also) for teams but it’s a real-time chat where you can chat with other Headway users, get advice, get help, show off… Continue Reading

Headway Themes is 5 years old!

Headway Themes is 5 years old! We launched Headway on July 31st, 2009 with version 1.0. Just a few weeks ago we pushed out version 3.7. It’s incredible how far Headway has come from version 1.0. Not only has Headway matured as a product over the last 5 years, our company and staff has grown… Continue Reading

What’s New in Headway 3.7

The past six months we have been hard at work on Headway 3.7, even as we were working on Headway 3.6.  3.7 is a huge update with many new features and improvements which are excited to finally get out the door.   We’re very happy to say this is the first release in which our Support… Continue Reading

Headway Themes Cyber Monday Sale

In case you aren’t totally Black Friday and Cyber Monday-ed out, we have good news! We are continuing the 33% discount from Black Friday with a Cyber Monday Sale. For those of you looking to join the Headway Community, this is the perfect time! The Headway Base and Headway Developer plans are 33% off during this sale.… Continue Reading

Headway Themes Black Friday Sale

It just doesn’t seem possible we are once again at that time of year for a Black Friday sale. The nice thing about having a sale here at Headway Headquarters is you can skip the madness of the crowds shopping for those special “deals.” To make it easy for you, we are offering a discount… Continue Reading

Headway Themes Four Years Old

Things sure seem to be moving fast over here at Headway Themes. As you should all know, with the release of 3.5 we pushed out the long awaited and much needed, fluid wrapper function. And the response from all of you has been amazing. Thanks!!! The next major event for Headway Themes is the fact… Continue Reading

Happy Near Year & End of Year Sale Extended!

We hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Day! Due to the busy week of holidays and traveling, we thought it’d be best to extend the holiday sale! The sale will be extended until this Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 11:59pm Central Time, USA. Which means you can grab more of those amazing… Continue Reading

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