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Intro to Headway version 3.8

Headway version 3.8 is available now. It is available as an auto-update (with a valid license key entered and activated in your Headway Options) or in your Members Dashboard.   As always, we recommend taking a full backup of your site before upgrading.  Duplicator plugin (free) and BackupBuddy (premium) both are highly recommended to handle your… Continue Reading

What’s New in Headway 3.7

The past six months we have been hard at work on Headway 3.7, even as we were working on Headway 3.6.  3.7 is a huge update with many new features and improvements which are excited to finally get out the door.   We’re very happy to say this is the first release in which our Support… Continue Reading

Headway 3.6 is here!

Things have been very busy for us at Headway Themes. Clay and his team have been hard at work building the latest and greatest version of Headway. Today we are proud to announce the release of the long-awaited Headway 3.6. Headway 3.6 is one of the largest releases since Headway 3.0. Headway 3.6 not only… Continue Reading

Announcing Headway 3.6 Developers Beta

Ready to jump right in? Headway 3.6 Beta 1 and Hinterland are available to Developer License holders in the Headway Dashboard. It’s an exciting time for the Headway Team as we get to show you more of what we have been working on these past few months. Since Headway 3.6 is such a large update,… Continue Reading

Introducing Headway 3.5

We’re very excited to say that fluid wrappers are finally back! Headway 3.5 has been a very long-awaited release, but it has been well worth the wait. To show you what’s in 3.5, I thought I’d try something new for a release video. You can watch that right below or you can skip over it… Continue Reading

Introducing Headway 3.4

We’ve got another update out for Headway, with the addition of block titles, block subtitles and two new blocks (to replace the now deprecated media block) and a few other notable changes to the Visual Editor, including the ability to export block settings, visible cues for padding and margins in Design Mode, a new UI for choosing /… Continue Reading

Screencast Tuesday: What's New in Headway 3.3!

Today marks a pretty large milestone for us as we’ve been releasing Headway 3.x continuously for just under a year and today we’re marking that with Headway 3.3. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve pushed out a release, and there’s a reason for that! We’re excited to announce that today we’re releasing Headway… Continue Reading

Headway 3.2.5 Released with New Features, Bug Fixes

Headway 3.2.5 is out! There are a few great additions that we know you’ve been looking forward to – like a new block – the Text Block! With a full WYSIWYG input, you can add text, links, block quotes, lists, headings, stylized/colored text … loads of opportunity there and great for your layouts. We’ve also got a… Continue Reading

Headway 3.2.4 Pushed Out

We just pushed out Headway 3.2.4 last night.  You can see the complete change log below.  As we have said before, we plan to be on a very aggressive upgrading schedule here at Headway.  We want to get new features out and any fixes which need to be done as fast as we can.  As always, if… Continue Reading

Screencast Tuesday: Headway 3.2.3

It’s been 19 days since we released Headway 3.2.2 and today we’re releasing Headway 3.2.3. This release is one our favorites so far! We’ve added Padding and something called Nudging. To learn more about these features, and how to use them, check out the video below. The full changelog is below. Additions Grid: The preview… Continue Reading

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