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Headway 4 Preview: Part 3

Headway 4 is coming very soon! All customers with a valid license will get this upgrade for free so you can purchase now and know that you will have access to version 4 as soon as it is released.   Continue Reading

Headway 4 Preview: Overview

Headway 4 is right around the corner! We thought we’d release some preview videos before the release to show off this major upgrade! First up is the overview video!   Continue Reading

Screencast Thursday: Working with Shared Layouts

As indicated in the video, the first few minutes are me going over the when/why to use Shared Layouts. If you want to read that (below) instead, skip to 4:00 in the video. Summary of when/why to use shared layouts: Use Shared layouts when layout inheritance isn’t enough. Example: You want some posts to have… Continue Reading

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