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Working with the new Search Block

One of the requests or suggestions we received quite often was an easier way to display a search box. Previous to 3.7, the only ways to do this were to put it in your navigation block, use a search widget, or use your own custom code. Now you just add your search block, and choose… Continue Reading

Working with Snapshots

Snapshots are a response to so many of our customers wanting a simple way to revert back to previous work without having to take a database backup and restore that. It also offers a way for you to test different things out: just take a snapshot of each and switch between to test out the… Continue Reading

Naming wrappers and blocks in 3.7

You might notice that new wrappers and blocks show without an ID next to them in Grid and Design Mode. That is because we switched to a different way of assigning IDs (UUID) that makes them completely unique but also very long (but much more stable). Instead of identifying your wrappers and blocks by those… Continue Reading

Think Outside The Block

One of the most common misconceptions about Headway is that you have to use the Header block for your header and the Footer block for the footer. Those blocks are meant to streamline things for you but by no means are you required to use them. Footers Many people want to create widgetized footers but… Continue Reading

How to use the Custom Query mode of the content block

We see many issues relating to people not using the Custom Query mode of the content block correctly. If you activate Custom Query mode, it activates a new tab in the block options that allows you to have more options over the content you display in the content block. Basics Displaying a Page If you… Continue Reading

Add content at the end of posts using the Visual Editor

There may be a time when you want to add something to the end of every post so the visitor sees the same thing when viewing each individual post. I’ve seen people add social sharing buttons, a subscription form, an image, an about the author section or just some extra text. You could do this… Continue Reading

Headway 3.0 Beta Video Tour Part 1

The Beta is almost ready! If you have a developer’s license, keep an eye on your inbox and on Twitter for when the announcement breaks. Meantime, I’m priming the pump by putting together some videos to show what awaits you. In this first one, we’re taking just quick look at a tour that shows new… Continue Reading

5 Blog Design Essentials Headway Makes Easier

I spend a lot of time in my workshops giving tips on how to make your WordPress blog user-friendly. Most are easy to implement and can make or break a visitor’s experience at your blog. The beauty is that Headway can help you even get more mileage from these tips: 1. Use a custom header.… Continue Reading

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