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Optimizing Your Headway Powered Site

Introduction We are going to start a new series on the blog this week that will cover various topics about optimizing your Headway and WordPress powered website. First let’s talk about what is optimization. Optimization is the process in which to improve the process in which things run. It’s to make things close to perfect.… Continue Reading

Using Parent Pages and WordPress Menus Effectively

We recently had a question in the Headway support forum that shed light on an issue that many users new to WordPress are facing: WordPress Menus make it very easy to set up drop-down menus (yay!) but using only WordPress Menus,  breadcrumbs don’t display the correct page hierarchy. What’s a WordPress newbie to do? Luckily, it’s incredibly simple. Set up… Continue Reading

Inserting a Link in a Blog Post – Revisited

When you are reading blog post or others are doing the same, it can be frustrating for the reader when there is not a link to the other blog you are mentioning. Readers like to follow the links and check out the information you are writing about in more detail. They can’t do that if… Continue Reading

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