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36 Essential Plugins that add features to your WordPress site

36 Essential Plugins that add features to your WordPress site

Last time we focused on Maintenance & Security and this time we’ll highlight some awesome plugins that add features to your website. General Management These plugins all add features to the admin/backend. WP Editor – This plugin replaces the default theme and plugin editors.  It gives you line numbers, let’s you search the files and has a file… Continue Reading

WordPress Version 3.4.1 Pushed Out

It looks like WordPress just pushed out an update with version 3.4.1 yesterday. Here are the changes: Fixes an issue where a theme’s page templates were sometimes not detected. Addresses problems with some category permalink structures. Better handling for plugins or themes loading JavaScript incorrectly. Adds early support for uploading images on iOS 6 devices. Allows… Continue Reading

Screencast Tuesdays: Bob Dunn's WordCamp Seattle Presentation

This week I thought we’d do something a little different (hey it’s a theme!). Bob Dunn, who’s a very active Headway community member, occasional blogger here, and WordPress coach gave a talk about how to attract more readers with a User-Friendly WordPress site. Since it’s been posted on the WordCamp videos section of, I… Continue Reading

5 Blog Design Essentials Headway Makes Easier

I spend a lot of time in my workshops giving tips on how to make your WordPress blog user-friendly. Most are easy to implement and can make or break a visitor’s experience at your blog. The beauty is that Headway can help you even get more mileage from these tips: 1. Use a custom header.… Continue Reading

Where WordPress Stops and Headway Begins

For those starting out as new users on both Headway and WordPress, it’s common for there to be confusion around what functionality is WordPress default functionality, and what options are specific to Headway. I hope to clear up some confusion and help you to draw a clearer line between the two, while also giving you a little education on WordPress and the Headway Theme in general. Continue Reading

WordPress 3.0 Is Now Available!

That’s right, folks. The long-awaited WP 3.0 is now available for download or automatic upgrade. I’ll be doing a screencast on how to upgrade by tomorrow afternoon. Until then, watch the video below to check out all the awesome new features. What’s that? You want to know whether Headway is compatible with this new version?… Continue Reading

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