Changing the Color of a Single Menu Item (Screencast)

Here is a simple tutorial from Diane Laidlaw of The Design Creative showing you how to easily change the colors of individual menu items. This technique is great for those wanting to highlight a specific menu item entry or to simply create a fun looking menu for their website.

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  1. Nice! Pretty easy, but I cannot tell what symbol you are putting inbetween the color choice and important. black(what is in here) important(what is here) …is it a : ; ! – what symbols.

  2. Other way is to use the unique id assigned to every menu item by Headway. So, there’s no need for extra code. Just use the built-in tools of a browser or something like Firebug to identify the ids.

    Just my two cents. 😉

  3. That was very well done, normally i will not attempt anything if it involves CSS but that was so well explained I will give it a try. Diane I hope you do more of these screencasts if you do please provide a link to them, is that an east coast accent i hear?


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