Create a list of post titles

Often times on your website, you may want to create a list of post titles for a certain area. This is pretty easy to do from within the visual editor.

Using the Content Block

If on the Blog Index or an Archive layout, you only wanted to show the post titles, you simply create a content block, leave the mode set to Default but then make some changes.

If you wanted to show posts on another type of layout – front page, single layouts, page layouts, etc, then you’d use a content block but set the mode to custom query.

Then, you’ll need to make the following changes in the Content Block options:

Display Options

You’ll need to change Entry Content Display to Hide Entry Content.


Meta Options

Click the pencil next to Meta Above Content and Meta Below Content and delete everything in the box.


Featured Images

Uncheck Show Featured Images

That’s it!

Using the Listings Block

This block should work the same on any layout and has the ability to show a list of pages in addition to posts (also categories, taxonomies and custom post types).

Create a listing block and then choose the following options:

Select Listing Type

Make sure posts of pages is selected


Once you do that, then a new option tab will appear: Posts & Pages Filter

Posts & Pages Filter

Choose your options including the number of posts to show. You choose whether to list posts or pages under the Filter Content option.


That’s all there is to it with the Listing Block.

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  1. Hi Jamie, thanks so much for all the great info! I am following your 01 headway on youtube, but get stuck at the “select listing type” part because the only option I see is config. So no select listing type or import/export etc. What am I missing? Thanks! Merel

    • If your block is mirroring another block, then you won’t have all of the options. You’ll need to unmirror the block. Right click on the block and choose “Unmirror block” from the options.

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