Customize Your Footer Block using the Custom Copyright or Add a Text Block


I often build WordPress sites for clients using the Headway framework, and one common task across all sites is adding my credit to the footer. Luckily, this is incredibly simple to do!  You can take two different approaches:

Use the Custom Copyright Input Field


Click to enlarge screenshot
Click to enlarge screenshot

Open up the block options for the footer block, and you’ll see a box for a Custom Copyright. This input will accept plain text and HTML, so you can code up your own little copyright for your client with your credit included.

For example:

Copyright © 2013 My Client.
Site Designed by <a href="">My Company</a>. All Rights Reserved.

Drop a Text Block Below your Footer

You could also opt to use the normal footer & show your client’s copyright there – then put a Text Block below that footer and use the provided WYSIWYG to enter your link, credit, whatever!

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  1. When trying to do this (not code…just text) Headway always crashes. I’ve tried several times over the past week. What gives?

      • You can put your HTML footer links there, such as a homepage link, disclaimer, privacy policy, sitemap, etc. – any link that you feel is pertinent to have on the site , but doesn’t need to be in everyone’s face in the main menu – usually the legal stuff.

  2. Just got this to work, thanks… note, there’s a space between < ?php… remove the space between the left arrow and the question mark when pasting into the footer.

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