Have different layouts for posts and pages with WordPress and Headway

If you want your posts and pages to have different layouts, you do not need to customize each and every page/post. You will simply customize 2 layouts and then rely on layout inheritance.

In the layout selector, choose the Single layout and build the layout that you want all posts to use. Note: You can also build it as a Shared Layout and apply that to the Single layout.


Make sure you save it! Then, edit the Single » Page layout


Build the layout you want and save. Now, ALL posts will use the Single layout and all Pages will use the Single » Page layout. Easy, right?

Note: Any posts or pages you’ve customized indvidually will use that layout instead of inheriting the respective layout.

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  1. Then, can you tell me what’;s the purpose of the Single>Post template? If Single represents the Post, then isn’t Single>Post redundant?

    • Single doesn’t represent the layout for the Posts always. Single represents the single layout for: single posts, single post types, pages if you only customize Single.

      So in this tutorial: You could switch it around and customize Single > Post and then customize Single to represent the layout you want for the pages.

      OR You could customize Single > Post and Single > Page and do nothing with Single.

      OR You could customize Single > Post and Single > Page and then customize Single for all other single post types.

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