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Block Options: Config Subtab

All blocks have a “Config” subtab in the options panel. Blocks share the following options (but some blocks have more):

  • Mirror Block.
    Select a block of the same type from a different layout to copy to this layout. Changes to the original block are reflected here. Only the settings and content of the original block are reflected—the second block doesn’t have to be the same size or in the same place as the original. If the selected block is already mirroring, you can use this dropdown to break that relationship by selecting Do Not Mirror.
  • Block Alias.
    Each block can have an alias, a short and descriptive name. The alias appears in places such as the Mirror Block dropdown instead of just the number Headway assigned when you created the block. The number probably won’t mean much to you, so it’s recommended you give each block an alias.
  • Responsive Grid Block Hiding. If you want this block to not display on certain devices and orientations, click the pencil icon, and select the devices and orientations. An example of when you might use this is if you have a sidebar to the left of your content when viewed on a computer. Since using the responsive grid makes blocks stack vertically on mobile devices, the main content will be pushed down. It’s not really a good idea to make visitors scroll on their smartphones to get to the content, so you could switch block hiding on for that left widget area block. For more controlled hiding based on certain resolutions, go to the Responsive Control subtab.
  • Custom CSS Class(es).
    If you’re somewhat advanced at using CSS and want to assign your own classes to the block, type them here with no punctuation and separated with a space. Use the Live CSS Editor to define the styles for your custom classes.
  • Add Custom CSS Class(es) to Row/Column.
    If you’re advanced at using CSS and have added custom classes to this block, you may want the same classes to be applied to each row or column as well, such as menu items in a navigation block. If so, click this check mark.

Block Title

  • Block Title and Block Subtitle. If you want additional text above your navigation, such as a title and description, type them in these fields.

For details about block-specific options, see the list of block types in Blocks and Block Types or the specific articles linked from there.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3.

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