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General Information

We absolutely encourage people to submit their items for inclusion in Extend.  Here are some things you need to know before you do though:

  1. All items submitted are reviewed by multiple team members to ensure the Template/Block meets standards and to check for issues or bugs.  This process can take some time to complete so you will need to be patient with us.  Not all items reviewed will be approved.  
  2. There is a commission agreement to have an item in Extend.  The current commission rate is: 60/40.  Which means, you earn 60% while Headway’s commission is 40%.  Your percentage may increase over time.
  3. If your item gets approved for Extend, you will be offered a dedicated support area.  You can also choose to provide support for your product elsewhere.
  4. We do ask that if your item is included in Extend, that you do not sell it elsewhere.  This is a request and not a requirement.

How to submit an item to extend

  1. Please check the appropriate checklist for the item you wish to submit.  
  2. If your product meets the checklist, please email your product to

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