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Grid Wizard

The Grid Wizard gives you a quick way to tell Headway how you want toget started with a layout in Grid Mode. The wizard appears the firsttime you select a particular layout (except for Blog Index) for editing.Open the Grid Wizard any time using the Tools menu in Grid Mode.

Using an Empty Grid

To start from scratch with a layout, clickUse Empty Grid under “Clone Existing Layout” or “Presets.” This option will also clear the grid if you had blocks on it already.

Cloning an Existing Layout

Anylayouts you have already customized can be cloned to the layout you areediting. Cloning copies the layout you selected, with all blocksmirrored from that layout. After cloning, you can create, move, anddelete blocks. Changing a mirrored block’s size or placement doesn’tbreak the mirroring, because the settings in the options panel arewhat’s reflected.To clone, select a layout, and then clickClone Layout →.

Using Presets

Headway has a collection of pre-made layouts, calledpresets,that resemble the basic layouts of many WordPress themes. In fact, whenyou first install the Headway Base theme, the “Content | Sidebar”
preset is applied to the Blog Index layout.

Warning: Applying a preset deletes any blocks you have already placed on the grid.

To use a preset:

  1. Click Presets in the Grid Wizard.
  2. Click the thumbnail representing the layout you want, and click Next →.
  3. Select the blocks you want to mirror, if any. Blocks are identified by alias (or number) and layout.
  4. Click Finish →.

Assigning a Shared Layout

Ifyou have at least one shared layout, the “Use Shared Layout” optionappears. A layout that uses a shared layout is locked and can’t bechanged. All changes must happen in the shared layout itself, which thencopies the changes toall layouts using that shared layout. See Using Shared Layouts for more information.To use a shared layout, select it in the dropdown, and then clickAssign Layout →.

Importing or Exporting a Layout

Ifyou want to reuse the blocks and settings in this layout in a differentsite, use the export option. Exporting creates a .json file that youcan import to another site later to save time. You may want to renamethe .json file to differentiate it from other export files and youselect the right one when importing.If you have exported a layout from another site, you can import it here.

Warning: Importing a layout deletes any blocks you have already placed on the grid.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3.

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