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Headway Metaboxes

Headway has multiple metaboxes available in the add/edit post/page screen. Here is your reference for what they are, what they do.

Identifying the Metaboxes and what they do

Shared Layout


Easily assign a shared layout to a post or page (or custom post type if you’ve added the functionality) when you add the post/page or when you edit it.

You need to create the Shared Layout first in the Visual Editor before it will show up in the drop down list.

Remove a shared layout by selecting “Do Not Use Shared Layout”.

By default, the dropdown should show “Do Not Use Shared Layout”.


Featured Image Position

ctp_mb_fipThe default is to use the block settings but you can override the block settings using this meta box.

Choose between Left or Right and Above Title or Above Content.



Easily add custom css classes to this entry that you can then use to target in your CSS to style this entry differently than others.



When using Headway for SEO, here you can control the SEO settings for the specific entry.

Title Control

Control what title shows up in the title bar of the browser and what one, if any, shows up when the entry is displayed, on an archive page, or on the index.

Hide Title

Use this to hide the title on different views.   This removes the HTML that outputs the title rather than hiding it with CSS.

Alternate Title

Use this to change what title shows up in the content block. For example, you could use this to have a shorter page title that actually displays on the page while keeping a longer page title in WordPress and in the title tag in the browser or vice versa.



Metabox IDs

You may need the different metabox IDs if you want to add the Headway metaboxes to custom post types or remove metaboxes from roles or users.

Metabox Name Metabox ID
Shared Layout headway-admin-meta-box-template
 Title Control headway-admin-meta-box-alternate-title
Featured Image Position headway-admin-meta-box-post-thumbnail
Display (Custom CSS) headway-admin-meta-box-display
SEO headway-seo



This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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