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Headway Terms

If you’re new to Headway, become familiar with these terms. The “More” link at the end of some entries opens additional information in the Headway documentation.


A section of a layout that serves a particular function, such as to display navigation, blog or page content, or widgets. Headway functionality depends largely on blocks. More →

Design Mode

One of the modes in the Visual Editor. Design Mode is for applying CSS styles to your website and viewing the effects of your changes. More →

Design Editor

The panel on the right side of Design Mode. Use the Design Editor to select elements and blocks and apply styles to them. More →

Element tree

The section of the Design Editor where you select elements or blocks to apply styles to. Elements and child elements are displayed in a tree structure with sections that expand and collapse. More →


The “canvas” in the viewport in Grid Mode. The grid provides a way to arrange layouts for your site. Within each wrapper, the grid is defined by the number of columns and gutters. More →

Grid Mode

One of the modes in the Visual Editor. Use Grid Mode to add and order wrappers, draw and arrange blocks inside wrappers, and configure each wrapper and block’s settings. More →

Headway Base

The basic Headway site template. Headway Base is very simple and clean so as not to bias your design.

Headway Extend

A method for getting more functionality out of Headway, such as additional blocks. Headway users and developers can contribute their own code to Headway Extend. Layout inheritance

Layout selector

The left panel in the Visual Editor. Use the layout selector to specify the layout that you want to customize in either Grid Mode or Design Mode. More →

Live CSS editor

A panel that displays raw CSS code for your layouts. Using this editor, you can add custom CSS classes or target specific blocks or elements with your own code. It’s recommended you use the Live CSS editor only if you are comfortable with working in CSS code. More →

Menu bar

The bar that spans the top of the Visual Editor. More →

Options panel

The panel at the bottom of Grid Mode. The options panel is the place you configure blocks. More →


The main section of the Visual Editor where your site is represented. In Grid Mode, you lay out your site in the viewport, or grid. In Design Mode, you can select elements and blocks in the viewport, and it displays the effects of the changes you make to styles.

Visual Editor

The core feature of Headway, the Visual Editor gives website designers a visual way to develop WordPress sites. It also enables the more casual website owner or blogger to design a site without having to know any HTML, CSS, or PHP. More →


A section of a layout that can contain one or more blocks. Each wrapper has its own settings for columns, gutters, and fluid or fixed width. More →

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3.

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