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Installing Blocks

Core Blocks

You do not need to install the core Headway Blocks.  Core blocks are ones that are built into Headway.  At present, these blocks include:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Content
  • Custom Code
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Image
  • Listings
  • Navigation
  • PinBoard
  • Search
  • Slider
  • Social
  • Text
  • Widget

Non-Core Blocks

If you bought a block from Extend (or elsewhere), you need to install the block for it to appear in the Visual Editor.  You install it as a plugin.  You can either upload it to to WordPress plugins directory or you can use the plugin uploader to upload the zip file. See for more information.

Special Non-Core Blocks

  • Gravity Forms – If you are using Gravity forms, as soon as you activate Gravity Forms, a new Gravity Forms block will appear in the Visual Editor without you needing to do anything additional.

Last Updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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