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Integrating Third-Party Sliders into Your Layouts

Headway offers a simple slider block for use in your layouts. However, sometimes you just need something with more features. That’s cool, we get it. 🙂

Two of the sliders we recommend are Soliloquy or SlideDeck; they both have a host of amazing features that should meet pretty much anything you can think of. The best part? They are incredibly easy to integrate with any theme, including Headway!

Shortcodes and Template Tags

The key to an easy integration is using shortcodes or template tags. Most good sliders will offer you one or both; and it doesn’t matter much which you use. Just drop the shortcode or template tag the plugin provides into a custom code block and you should be all set. Yes, it really is that simple!

Wrappers Matter

Keep in mind that wrappers matter when you’re installing a responsive slider. A slider that is designed to fill 100% of the available horizontal space will be limited by the wrapper. If you’re looking for more impact, try a fluid wrapper with a fluid grid—your slider will fill the screen edge to edge and create a powerful visual!

Hiding Blocks for Mobile

Not all sliders look great at a mobile size; test your slider and make sure that users can interact with and see your slides! If it’s not a great experience, you’re better off hiding the block that contains your slider shortcode/template tag for mobile devices.

Not Just for Homepages

Sliders aren’t only for your homepage – think about how else you can integrate these great dynamic elements into your site.

Sliders and Advertisements

Got a small sidebar space and a few ads? A slider may work; drop it into a sidebar area and slowly rotate through a two or three different ads. You’ll be able to draw some conclusions about the most effective ads based on click rate, you’ll save some space and the motion may catch your visitor’s eye more than a static graphic.

Sliders are Great for Magazine Layouts

Sliders aren’t just for businesses showcasing their products – consider having one or two smaller-sized sliders on your site pulling featured images from your latest posts in specific categories. These visual displays can really help break up a text-heavy page, a common issue with magazine-style layouts.

Consider a Slider for Your 404 Page

Consider a smaller slider on your 404 page to highlight your latest or popular content to snag that visitor away from bouncing off your page! Adding a slider in conjunction with a friendly message and a search box may be the difference between making or losing a reader/customer/visitor!

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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