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Layout Selector

The layout selector is located in the menu bar of the Visual Editor. It contains a list of layouts and layout templates. Click the layout selector to open it. It reflects the layout inheritance hierarchy, and by doing so, gives you the ability to select specific layouts for custom designing. Normally, you wouldn’t be customizing layouts any farther down the hierarchy than posts and pages.The following illustration provides more detail about the layout selector:


As the top layout in the hierarchy, the Blog Index layout is listed first in the selector. (Unless you have a static home page, in which case that layout is listed at the top.) Layouts that inherit Blog Index’s design directly are listed next. If a layout has child layouts, an arrowhead is displayed next to it. Click the arrowhead to expand or collapse the list of child layouts.

For example, the Single layout has a few child layouts. One of these is Page. The Page layout inherits any changes to the Single layout. In turn, your specific pages inherit any designs you customize in the Page layout. All of these layouts are displayed in the layout selector. As you may imagine, as you add blog posts and pages, the list of Post and Page child layouts can become extremely long.

To edit a layout, mouse over it in the layout selector, and then click Edit. The layout is loaded on the grid. Once you have customized a layout, a “Customized” label appears next to it in the layout selector so you can see where you are overriding the inherited layout.

Note: A category doesn’t appear under Archive ► Category until it has at least one post assigned to it.

Shared Layouts

At the top of the layout selector, you can toggle between layouts and shared layouts. Select a shared layout for editing in the same way you select a regular layout. For information about the purpose of shared layouts and how to create and use them, see Using Shared Layouts.

Headway Base comes with no default shared layouts.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3.

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