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Navigation Block Options

The options panel contains these settings for navigation blocks.


No options are available for the content at this time. Navigation blocks contain menus you create in the WordPress admin panel. See Assigning a WordPress Menu to a Navigation Block.


Search options are for adding a site-wide search field.

  • Click the Enable Navigation Search check mark to add a search field to this block.
  • Select the horizontal placement of the field in the Search Position box.
  • Type search prompt text in the Search Placeholder field.

Home Link

The default navigation block includes a “Home” link. In WordPress sites, the site name or image links to the home page, so you may not want a “Home” link in your navigation. Using these options, you decide whether to add a “Home” link to your navigation so you don’t have to use the WordPress menus interface to do it.

  • To remove the link, click the Hide Home Link check mark.
  • To change the text of the link, type the new text in the Home Link Text field. For example, you may want to call the page “Welcome” or have it reflect a call to action encouraged on that page.


  • Set the alignment of the menu items or text using the Alignment box:
    • In horizontal navigation, the text is centered within the menu items. The alignment determines where the menu as a whole is aligned within the navigation block.
    • In vertical navigation, the menu items are as wide as the block. The alignment determines how the text is oriented inside the menu item.
  • To create a nav column instead of a nav bar, click the Vertical Navigation check mark.


  • If you want child menu items to appear and disappear with a fade or slide effect, select your preference in the Drop Down Effect box.
  • By default, the Hover Intent option is selected so it takes more than an instantaneous mouseover to trigger the appearance of the dropdown. This prevents dropdowns from being a distraction when the site visitor doesn’t mean to be using the menu and happens to mouse over the menu. If you want dropdowns to always appear if the parent item is moused over, clear the check mark.


If you have enabled the Responsiveness Grid feature under Setup in the options panel, you can also switch on the Responsive Select option here. This feature converts menus to a more mobile-friendly format for smartphones (but not tablets).

See also the options for the Config and Import/Export sub-tabs.

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