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Page Title in a Separate Wrapper from Content

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create something like this and it is super easy to do with Headway and requires no code!


Step one: Create your 2 content blocks

First things first, on the Single layout you will need two wrappers, each with a content block.


You’ll notice that I’ve given each content block a block alias so they are easily identifiable.

Step 2: Edit the first content block to only show the title

In the content block labeled “Single Title”, you need the following settings:

Mode – Default

Display: Default settings except

  • Entry Content Display is set to “Hide Entry Content”
  • Comment Visibility: “Always hide comments”


Meta: Erase what is in “Meta Above Content” & “Meta Below Content”.

Everything else: Leave as default


Step 3: Edit the second content block to only show the entry content

In the block options for the content block labeled “Content”, you’ll need the following settings:

Mode: Default

Display: Uncheck “Show Titles”.

Everything Else:  Leave as default


Step 4: Style your Wrapper with the title differently

Switch to design mode, and select the wrapper with the inspector that contains the “Single Title” named Content block.

First, we will give our wrapper a background color.


Next, we set the Entry title to white in that wrapper and increase the font size.

separate-title-part-7And that is it!  I’d love to see what you create with this tutorial!

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