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Reinstalling Headway

If any theme files go missing from the Headway theme folder on your server, you will need to reinstall the theme.

Important: Reinstalling Headway will not change your content, blocks, design, or any other customizations.

  1. Optional, but recommended. Before reinstalling, run a full site backup (BackupBuddy is recommended).
  2. In the WordPress admin panel, click Themes in the Appearance menu.
  3. Click Activate on a theme other than Headway, such as one of the default WordPress themes.
  4. Click Theme Details on the Headway Base theme.
  5. Click Delete. This removes the Headway files from your wp-content/themes folder. Your content, customizations, and blocks remain intact.
  6. Download the latest Headway .zip file from the Headway Members’ Dashboard.
  7. Install Headway.
  8. Activate the Headway Base theme.

For more detail about installing and activating Headway, see Installing Headway.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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