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Separating the Comments from the Content Block

Ever get sick of that same tired layout—blog comments that appear below the post? A different layout—say, the comments to the right of your post—may get them some additional notice and could be more useful than your default sidebar if you’ve got a great conversation going! It’s easy to try it out with the content block options.

Edit the Single > Post Layout

We want to affect just this layout, since this is the only layout where blog comments are likely to appear. You can clone the Blog Index to start, rather than redrawing your entire layout.

You’ll need two content blocks: one that will show the entry content (the “primary”) and one to show the comments in a different area of your layout (the “secondary”). Draw your secondary content block in your desired location—wherever you want those comments displayed.

Un-mirror the Primary Content Block

If you cloned your Blog Index, your content block will be mirrored from the homepage. Go to the Config subtab in the block options, and choose Do Not Mirror from the Mirror drop-down.

Hide Comments on the Primary Content Block

Now we tell the content block that comments should never be shown in this block. Head to the Display sub-tab and choose Always Hide Comments from the Comments Visibility drop-down.

Hide the Entry and Title, and Display Comments in Secondary Content Block

Open the block options for the secondary content block and head to that same Display sub-tab. We’ll update a few more options here, specifically:

  • Uncheck Show Titles
  • Uncheck Show Entry
  • Set Comments Visibility to Always Show Comments

Save your layout, sit back, and enjoy!

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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