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Setting up your Site

As indicated in the Requirements to use Headway, to use Headway, you need

  1. A domain name
  2. Web hosting with MySQL support
  3. WordPress

This will be a 4 step tutorial on buying a domain name, buying hosting, installing WordPress, and finally installing Headway. Let’s get started!

Registering a domain name

The first thing you need to do is choose a registrar.  Recommended registrars are Hover and Namecheap.   There are many, many domain registrars out there.  Once you choose one, then you must search for your domain name and find an available one.
Once you find the domain name you like, proceed with the purchase.  What TLD (top level domain) you choose is up to you.  Examples include .com, .net, .org, .me. Make sure to double check your spelling before you complete the purchase. You don’t want to end up with a misspelled domain name. With Hover, WhoIs Protection is free which simply means that for free, you can hide your personal information that would normally be attached to a domain name after you register it.  With Namecheap, the first year of WhoIs Protection is usually free and then there is a fee thereafter. Once the purchase is complete, you are ready to purchase your hosting package.

Buying hosting

Recommended hosts are and   For most people, “Shared Hosting” will be sufficient.  However, you may need to look into reseller hosting, a VPS or a Dedicated server depending on your needs.  If you host all of your clients, then you at the very least, need reseller hosting. This tutorial will go over buying hosting from Find the package that meets your needs.  And click the button to purchase it.
Then, when asked if you want to register a new domain or already have a domain name, choose “I already have a domain name”.
Type your domain name into the box and press the button to continue. Finally, you will enter your personal information, billing information, a password for the account (username will be emailed to you), a billing cycle, and then any extra services needed.

Pay attention to the extra services so you don’t end up paying for services you do not need.

Read the Terms of Service and check that you have read it.  Finally, hit Submit Order when everything is accurate and complete.
There is some time to process, but once your order is processed, you will get an email with a link to login and your username.  Remember: you chose your password during checkout.
You login by going to: and entering the username they emailed you and the password you chose at checkout.  Once logged in, click on My Accounts.  For the domain you just registered, click on go to cPanel button.
cPanel will look like this.  Please note: many hosts theme cPanel to match their site design.

Changing the nameservers

Now that we have our hosting setup, we need to tell our domain name to point to our hosting. To do this, login to your domain registrar account, then click on Domains.

Next, click on Edit next to your domain you just registered.
Scroll down to Nameservers and click edit on the right.
Then go back to your cPanel and find your nameservers under “Account Information”.

Enter those nameservers into hover and then hit save.
Now, your domain will begin the propagation process which is the process it takes for your domain name to point to those new name servers.  Try typing in your domain name in a browser address bar. if you see a SiteGround page, then you know propagation is done.  If instead, you see something like this:
Then propagation is not complete.  This process can take minutes to 24 hours.   Please make sure you clear your browser cache as well.

Installing WordPress

Once propagation is complete, you are ready to install WordPress.   In cPanel, find the AutoInstallers section. Click on WordPress.
Once inside, make sure you are on the install tab.  By default, it takes you to overview.
Then you have some decisions to make.  The first will be, do you want WordPress installed in the root directory or in a sub-directory.  What you choose is up to you.

Please note: If you intend to create a WordPress Network (formerly known as MultiSite) and want a subdomain setup, WordPress must be installed in the root directory.

The next decision you need to make is the database name.  This can be something more user friendly than what is already in the box, but the database name really does not matter.
The next 3 decisions are your site title, site description or tagline and whether you want a WordPress Network (Multisite).  Unless you really know what a WordPress network is, leave this unchecked. Don’t worry, you can change your Site Title and Tagline later.
Another decision you have to make is a Administrator username and password.  Please, please, choose something other than “admin” as your username.  Hackers know that the most used username is admin and knowing that, makes it that much easier to hack your site.  Your username can be anything so use something that makes sense to you that you can remember. Similarly, choose a strong password.  The key next to the password input will generate a strong password for you.
Finally, choose a language for your site and then click Install.  Then, let the AutoInstaller work its magic.  Once it completes, you should see a page which gives your the URL to your site as well as the Admin login area.


Install Headway

Now, you are ready to install Headway. please follow these install instructions.

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