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Slider Block Options

The options panel contains these settings for slider blocks
(previously called the “image rotator” in the media block). For fancier
effects than those the slider block offers, you may want to try a plugin
like NextGen Gallery.

Slider Images


  • Image. Click Choose Image to select a file from your site’s media library, your computer, or a URL. Several options appear for each image you choose.
  • Hyperlink. Type or paste in the URL to the post, page, or website that will be launched by clicking the image.
  • Open Link in New Window.
    Usually, images in a slider are highlighting content on the same site,
    so you wouldn’t open the destination in a new window. But if you are
    linking outside your site, you may want to open the destination in a new
    window so the visitor can stay on your site while following the link.
    Click the check mark to toggle this option on.
  • Caption. Type a caption here if you want one to appear with the image. Captions are displayed over the bottom part of the image.
  • “title” Attribute. For the HTML to include a title attribute for this image, type it in this field.
  • “alt” Attribute. For the HTML to include an alt attribute for this image, type it in this field.
  • Randomize Image Order.
    Enabling this option results in the order of the images being shuffled
    every time a page using this layout loads. This may be useful when you
    have a set of pages you will always highlight, but you want each to have
    a chance to be noticed by sometimes being displayed first.

Image Sizing

  • Crop and Resize Images.
    The default setting is for images to be cropped and fit within a
    uniform box as wide as the block. Disabling this setting will result in
    images having varying heights because they won’t be cropped.


  • Animation. Sets the transition effect between slider images.
  • Animation Speed. Sets the amount of time the transition lasts.
  • Automatic Slide Advancement.
    By default, the slider advances through the images automatically. To
    require visitors to navigate to each slide to view it, toggle this
    setting off.
  • Time Between Slides. The amount of
    time an image is displayed before the transition to the next image (not
    applicable if you disable automatic slide advancement).

User Interface

  • Show Pager Navigation.
    The default slider includes navigation dots that indicate which slide
    is being displayed. Clicking a dot skips to that slide. To hide the
    dots, toggle this setting off.
  • Show Next/Previous Arrows.
    Clickable arrows appear at the left and right of the images so the
    visitor can skip to the previous or next slide. Disable this setting to
    hide the arrows.


No advanced options at this time.

See also the options for the
Config and Import/Export subtabs.

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