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Template Checklist

You may want to submit a Headway Template you’ve created to sell on Extend.  We’ve put together this handy checklist that you should check over before submitting your Template for inclusion in extend:

It is highly recommended that you use Shared layouts in your Template so that all layouts get transferred over and the user can choose which shared layout they want to apply to the different layouts instead of being limited to what you (the designer) chose.  This is especially true if you are creating layouts for specific pages (like an about page) because unless the page IDs match, the layout will not transfer over.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

  1. The Header block should look okay with or without a header image.
  2. Basic styling for all blocks.  i.e. Even if your Template is minimalist and excludes a navigation block, for example, it is still best to have styling if they choose to add a Navigation block.
  3. Do empty blocks look ok? For example, if no widgets are assigned in a widget block, does the block still look ok?
  4. Block overflow should not ruin the flow of a layout.
  5. Text contrast.  If you have a dark background, is the font color contrasting enough to read the text?  Are all hyperlinks properly colored if on a dark background?
  6. If any PHP functions are being used, surround them with function_exists or class_exists.
  7. Does the Template work upon immediate installation?  If no widgets are assigned to a widget block, does it break the layout?
  8. Is necessary attribution given to all photographs/images?
  9. If the Template uses a Static Front page, does the Template look okay if not using a static front page?
  10. Is any CSS commented well?  Are classes used instead of wrapper or block IDs?
  11. Your Template can use 3rd party blocks but if it does, you must also include a Core block only version (meaning those blocks that come built into the Visual Editor)
  12. Your Template can use custom JS that you place in the Header/Footer scripts options in Headway but it must be optional.  The Template must function without it.  You can place the code and instructions in the README file.
  13. Similarly, your Template can use plugins to add functionality, but the plugin must be optional.  The Template should function without the plugin. This means that if you want to include 3rd party blocks, you must submit 2 version of the Template – one with only core blocks and one with the 3rd party blocks.

Your Template should be in a zip file with the following information included:

  1. A screenshot (this is added when Exporting a Template)
  2. A README file that contains information on how to Install a Template and any special instructions for your Template (Please see a README file for one of the Official Headway Templates for a guide).
  3. You may include an export of dummy content for the user to import but it is not required

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