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Troubleshooting Your Headway Theme

Here are some ways to solve various problems you may encounter with your Headway site.

Blocks Out of Place

Be careful when nudging per layout or per instance—if you mis-click, you may find that you’ve moved every widget area block on your site by nudging the regular element! Check your settings in the design editor before you start deactivating plugins or crying into your wine.

Drop-down Menus Stop Working

After tweaking your layout to perfection in Design Mode, you may find that your drop-downs aren’t working properly; perhaps the submenu is out of place or behind other elements. This is the result of the nudging Method used. The nudging “method” sets the CSS “position” attribute. If you’re familiar with or learning CSS, learn more here.

Sub-menus should always be set to the default (which, in the Headway Base CSS files, is “absolute”). This will net you the result above—the menu drops down over any content below. If you use aonther method, you’ll get some interesting results:

Static or Relative Method (Positioning)

Fixed (Floating) Method (Positioning)
You may also find that after nudging your navigation block, your sub-menus are disappearing behind other page elements like images or sidebar widgets. In this case, check that the z-index is set to 999 instead of 1, 2, etc. Z-index helps determine the order of elements layered on the page, and a higher z-index on the navigation block itself helsp the sub-menu to position properly over other elements.

Layouts Missing for Certain Pages

A lot of plugins rely on special templates to display custom information (such as Events plugins, Calendar plugins, even some e-commerce plugins and more.) Depending on how the plugin is coded, sometimes those templates just don’t play nicely with Headway. The easiest option at this point is to find a different plugin that lets you use shortcodes or template tags to insert the content. Check with the plugin author or plugin documentation to see if your current plugin offers a similar solution. If neither are an option, you may consider digging into the template file and trying to customize it to better match your site, but this will require PHP, CSS and HTML knowledge.

Part of Your Layout on a Specfic Post is Missing, or Your Multi-Column Layout is a Single Column

This is nearly 100% of the time caused by bad HTML tags in the post content itself. If you are seeing the issue on one post or a certain set of posts which contain similar elements, check for any stray DIV tags (<div> or </div>) that don’t match into a pair. For every <div> there should be a closing </div>! Extras can cause parts of your layout to get “eaten” or otherwise displaced.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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