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Using Gravity Forms and a Custom Code Block as Newsletter Signup

A common request for blog developers is a way to gather email addresses for newsletters or other free content as part of a strategy to build an online audience and trust. One of the most effective ways to do this is to present your visitor with an opportunity to sign up directly after they’ve enjoyed something on your site, such as reading a blog post.

With Gravity Forms, a premium form creation plugin for WordPress, you have a great opportunity to integrate a newsletter signup form into your Single > Post layout below or above your WordPress posts. If you use Mailchimp, AWeber, or Campaign Monitor, there are easy add-ons by Gravity Forms that will let you integrate your simple Gravity Form with these services for automatic newsletter signup. Gravity Forms has a nice Form Builder
that makes the process pretty simple—for your email newsletter, you can add as little as an email field, along with a name and other custom fields if your newsletter service will accept it.

But how to integrate it into your Headway theme?

Use a Custom Code Block

Gravity Forms makes a shortcode available to place your form onto WordPress pages and posts. Grab the shortcode you need and drop it into a custom code block. Custom code blocks parse advanced programming code in PHP, Javascript, HTML—and it also parses a WordPress shortcode!

Place that custom code block anywhere, on any layout. Remember that you can use mirroring to keep from having to configure a block on each layout, and give your block an alias so it’s easier to mirror in other layouts.

If you want to get fancy with your CSS customizations, try a custom CSS class and the Live CSS Editor.

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