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Widget Areas Aren’t Just for Sidebars

Headway offers a widget area block, which is most typically used to the right or left of a content block. This makes sense, since this area is common to use for “asides”—additional information that may be useful or helpful to your visitor. Widget area blocks don’t have to be relegated to sidebars, though!

Widget Area Block as “Fat Footer”

Try setting up a widget area block configured for a horizontal widget display in your footer area. This “fat footer” can be used to add widgets with brief bios, additional pages, recent posts and comments, and social media links. Give your users something to look at aside from the copyright notice when the reach the end of your content!

Widget Area Block for Advertisements

Set up a widget area block specifically for advertisements; place it in the header when you have a single advertisement to display that fits next to your logo, or drop it below or above a post when you have something wider. Place it in your sidebar later when you’ve got a few skyscraper ads. If you’re selling adspace on your site, don’t limit yourself—your advertisers will love the flexibility. Setting ads into a widget area block vs. adding them programmatically through plugins, functions and hooks means you also have the flexibility to customize a specific blog post or page to exclude and remove the widget area block for advertisements. So the blog post with the “questionable” content in your advertiser’s eyes doesn’t mean you get kicked out of the ad program.

Widget Area Blocks on the Front Page

Use multiple widget area blocks on the Front Page layout in columns, along with a plugin like Recent Posts Plus, to create a magazine-style layout that you can update and configure from the WordPress admin panel without continually going into the Headway Visual Editor to modify content block query options.

This article was last updated for Headway version 3.8.3

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