All-in-one content layout builder based on six basic layout types: sliders, grids, tabbed, tabular, accordion and masonry, that can display any content types.

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Architect is Adaptive and Animated

As of v1.2, Architect supports device adaptiveness, which allows you to set specific layouts based on the device types of phone, tablet and others. This massively improves your design power for the various devices. No longer will you have to rely on responsive design to squish or stretch your layout to fit into a phone, tablet and desktop screen. Build your layouts to take full advantage of the device they’ll display on.

Also added in v1.2 is animation, the most requested feature. This enables you to animate either each panel as a whole unit, or the individual components, and uses the very popular animate.css engine. Now you can add a bit of sparkle to your pages to help draw attention to your content.

What is Architect?

Architect is an all-in-one content designer plugin and block for Headway. All-in-one means you can design any layouts using the one plugin and its block.

Video: Architect Admin

The basic layouts available are:

  • Slider
  • Grid (1×1 for single layouts)
  • Tabular
  • Tabbed
  • Masonry
  • Accordion

Using these six, the layout possibilities are almost unlimited. Here’s some you might create:

  • Slideshows
  • Full width sliders
  • Featured posts sliders
  • Video slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Image slideshows
  • Testimonial sliders
  • Features grids
  • Products grids
  • Pricing tables
  • Tabbed posts
  • Pinterest-like post grids
  • Magazine layouts
  • Information accordions
  • Single post layouts
  • Tabular product listings
  • Post lists
  • and much more!

Jon Mather, Headway-based web designer/developer, says of Architect :

Architect gives me the freedom to design my sites with amazing precision and styling for my clients. It allows me to display their content in any way I can imagine, it truly does give me the ability to be the architect of my design.


Bolded features are unique to Architect and not known to be available in any other WordPress plugin

  • Built in preset designs
  • Responsive design
  • Built-in dummy content for when you need to design before the client provides content
  • Custom responsive breakpoints to control image size, columns, and content font size
  • Optional filler image from LoremPixel when posts don’t have images
  • Display any content types (Posts, pages, custom post types, third party post types)
  • Display custom fields
  • Works with WPML, WooCommerce, NextGen, Advanced Custom Fields and other popular plugins
  • Replace the standard WordPress gallery with one of your own design
  • Optional featured video field added to posts and pages
  • Filter by categories, tags, authors and any custom taxonomy
  • Advanced Image focal point control to prevent chopped off heads in images
  • Works with any theme (in case you have a client not on Headway – yet…)
  • Architect layouts are transportable between sites and themes
  • Extensive help built-in including tooltips, help pages and popup videos
  • As well as an Architect Headway block, you can display Architect layouts using shortcodes, widgets and more
  • WordPress multisite compatible
  • Extensible allowing developers to code their own content selection methods (The dummy content and NextGen content use this feature)

For a little more than the cost of two blocks, you can get one that does what four or more other blocks would do.

Preset Selector

The built in Architect Preset Selector provides more than a dozen different pre-designed layouts to get you started fast.


Examples of content layouts created with Architect

Features slider


Magazine grid


Photo thumb gallery


Photo gallery slideshow


Tabbed posts


Full width slider


Pinterest Style


Custom content

This example demonstrates Architect displaying custom content by using Woo Commerce custom content type, as well as displaying a custom field (the price) and includes a shortcode in meta for the Add to cart button.


Further information and Support

Please note: Architect requires the Redux Framework plugin to run. If it’s not on your system, you will be prompted to install it after Architect installs.

Support for Architect is provided directly by submitting requests to First response support is provided by the amazing folks at Influx, WordPress support specialists.

Notice: This is a third-party addon which Headway Themes does not officially support.

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