Showcase the features of your product, app or service in an elegant way. Easy to configure and even easier to customize!

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Need to showcase a set of features for your product, app or service? Features makes the process of creating rich feature pages a breeze. Quick to get up and running, you’ll be adding your first feature pages in no time. The block is highly configurable and every element in the block can be styled using Headway’s Inspector.

  • Easy to customize

    Easy to customize.

    Every element in the Features block can be customized using Headways Inspector. We’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring that the block is as customizable as it possibly can be.

  • Easy to configure

    Easy to configure.

    From the get go our aim with the Features block was to make it super simple to use. We wanted a tool that we enable us to construct relatively advanced feature pages for our various products and while we’ve only just started, we definitely think Features is off to a great start!

  • Easily add features

    Easy to add features.

    Since the Features block is built entirely on top of Headway, you can manage your features content without ever leaving the Headway Visual Editor!

  • Multipurpose


    One of the great thing about the Features block is that it can be used to create all kinds of layouts. Event flyers, customer testimonials, product layouts are but a few examples of what can be built using the Features block.

  • Responsive across devices

    Responsive across devices. new

    We recently added responsive support, so your features will look great across all devices. The responsive styling only kicks in if you have the responsive grid enabled in Headway, so no additional code is loaded if you are not using Headway’s responsive features.

  • Built for Headway

    Built for Headway.

    Unlike other WordPress plugins, all of our add-ons are built specifically for Headway, meaning they adhere to Headways strict development standards; are built using Headways block API; and take advantage of Headways compiler to ensure all assets are loaded efficiently.

  • WordPress content

    WordPress content New

    New in v2+, you can now add all your features content via WordPress, using the included Features post type. The Features can be organized using Categories & Tags.

  • Powerful Filtering & Ordering

    Powerful Filtering & Ordering New

    Features stored in WordPress content can be filtered to only display the Features you want to shown. Also included are options to customize the ordering of the Features items.

Notice: This is a third-party addon which Headway Themes does not officially support.

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